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WHEN I TURNED TO AMATEUR radio as another hobby, after possessing a station license in September 2013, my first radio was a CIGNUS V85 VHF Transceiver. What is that? Compared with branded ones, this is supposed to be an inferior communication equipment. It is a re-branded radio that is introduced and sold for the Philippine market. It is very cheap and is the only one I could afford.

By the way, I am an outdoorsman who dabbles in bushcraft and exploration. Do you know that radio communication is very vital in my activities? Especially when I ranged the mountains every weekend. On this rugged environment, I dropped my CIGNUS V85 to the ground many times. You cannot be too careful all the time. Then it is exposed to direct sunlight, rain, dust, moisture, pollen and salty wind. Did it malfunctioned? Never!

Twice it was tested on places unprecedented for any portable radio using 5 watts of power and stock antenna in Cebu. In layman's term, it was used without outside power source but its own battery and signal propagated only from its original antenna without using special equipment to increase its range. Just a cheap basic radio that had seen a lot of rough handling.

These were the occasions that highlighted the effectiveness of the CIGNUS V85. Last August 2016, I was able to trigger the repeater of Ham Radio Cebu, located in Busay, Cebu City and communicated with a radio station from the Doce Cuartos Mountain Range, in Tabogon, 88 kilometers away. Likewise, in October 2016, with the same repeater and communicating with the same radio station from Mount Bandera, in Oslob, 116 kilometers away. Is not that amazing?

Because I was communicating in VHF, I propagated it atop the highest ridges. I was using common sense and the quality of radio equipment was immaterial, but the CIGNUS V85 functioned perfectly well, anyway. You do not need an expensive equipment to enjoy your hobby or propagate signals on the field. A Philippine brand like the CIGNUS V85 VHF Transceiver could compete well with the industry standards. Your equipment would work for you if you would only be very competent yourself.

As an amateur radio enthusiast and communicator, I work within the law and the parameters set by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) and the CIGNUS V85 is an NTC-compliant communication equipment where its acquisition is covered by VAT and other incidental expenses which goes to government coffers. Use only radios that are approved for use legally by NTC in our airwaves so as to lessen crowding and signal interference.  


The CIGNUS V85 VHF Transceiver is the medium to high-tier portable radio with LCD, numeric keypad, single-channel watch/standby, 99 memory channels, and shall definitely fulfill the users every demand on grouping and dispatching. 

·         Dual Display

·         DTMF Encoding

·         LCD Menu Operations

·         Emergency Alarm

·         FM Radio

·         1750Hz Relay Forwarding Confirmed

·         VOX

·         Busy Channel Lookout

·         Battery Saving Function

·         Channel Mode Display

·         Scan Method (TO/CO/SE)

·         99 Channel Capacity

·         Reverse Function

·         Alarm Function

·         PC Programmable 


·         Frequency: VHF/UHF / 136-174MHz / 400-470MHz

·         Channel Capacity: 99

·         PLL Channel Spacing: 5/6.25/10/12.5/20/25 KHz

·         Battery Voltage: 7.4V

·         Antenna Impedance: 50Ω

·         Frequency Stability: ±2.5ppm

CIGNUS V85 VHF Transceiver is a product of Cignus Philippines Incorporated (Cignus), a nationwide distributor of high-quality portable two-way radio communication units and accessories under the brand name "Cignus". Cignus portable radios are offered at modest prices, with quality comparable to internationally-branded units. Cignus is one of the first and fastest-growing locally-branded two-way radio communications equipment distributors in the country.

Cignus was established by 2011 to answer the industry’s need to have a registered and dependable local provider with after sales service support.

Cignus continuously innovate products to adapt to the changing demands of clients’ and consumers’ need. Cignus now offers different models with different specifications to meet the changing demands of the industry. Accessories have been introduced as well, constantly finding ways to ensure that consumer needs and satisfaction are met.

CIGNUS V85 VHF Transceiver units, batteries and accessories are now available at popular online stores like Lazada Philippines and Shopee Philippines with prices ranging from P1,690 to P2,300. Ask for a receipt and permit to purchase. These documents you need to support in processing your amateur radio station license (ARSL) and for inclusion in civic and commercial radio stations.

For servicing of defective Cignus products nationwide kindly contact Cignus Philippines Inc. at its corporate address so they could advise you of their regional branches and accredited service centers:

Room 202

721 Gonzalo Puyat Street

Quiapo, Manila, PH 1001

(02) 735-0002

(02) 488-0965

0925 8244 687

0942 3901 777

0925 6868 788

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