Monday, November 5, 2007


2007 HAS BEEN A good and kind year for me. It has brought me a series of very simple joys despite the travails of a mid-life crisis, particularly of my being laid off from work. For that, I am thankful I have all the time in my hand.

I get to have more quality time with myself and my family that I haven’t had the opportunity to do so before. Also, I get to have more personal conversations with Him -- who is my personal Lord and Saviour; and get also to do things that I haven’t had the time to do like home carpentry, writing, wood carving and chopping firewood leaving me emotionally-, intellectually-, spritually- and physically-fit and strong.

The year 2007 has given me an opportunity of unobstructed use of the Internet and introduced me to an experience which I have not had thought of before -- blogging! I shopped and looked for different free sites where I would want to blog on and so, last March, I tried Multiply and I have “Slippery Trails...Heavy Backpacks” as the title of my community-oriented personal blog there and another one at MyOpera titled “RiversideCROSSings”, which is faith-based.

I have tried Zorpia, LiveJournal, PerfSpot, Wordpress, Friendster, Tabulas and even in the Greenpeace website but there was something or some feature that I was looking for that all the following could not afford to give space to -- AdSense!

I have a Gmail account registered last January yet. Then I activated and tried incorporating my AdSense account, which is one of Google’s valued features, into all of those sites, but all to no avail. It’s because, in order activate AdSense into my chosen sites I have to be a paying member. Bad break. I could not afford one since I am jobless and, unknown to me at that time, Google’s Blogger feature is capable of accepting AdSense into its site since they are of the same outfit.

I registered with Blogger only last August 23 and tried testing with the copy-and-paste rule on its site and found it easy. Ditto with uploading pictures and images. I temporarily named my blogspot as “RiversideCROSSings” and posted my first entry, a poem about Mount Manunggal. Then on September 4, I inserted a second article about Cebu’s dancing inmates, which has four embedded YouTube HTML, and Blogger absorbed that one without a problem.

Last October 8, I posted my third blog entry regarding my gunless society advocacy and I decided to change the look of my blog and renamed it “Merely My Opinion”; which actually is my late grandfather’s title of his daily column in a local newspaper, the Cebu Daily News, of the 1950s*. As I was doing so it happened that AdSense is a free feature for Blogger so I incorporated my existing AdSense account into it without a hitch.

A week after that I opened my AdSense account and I discovered, to my delight, I have a balance of US$0.32 into my account where, for several months before that, it was a big fat zero! Better late than never. I have 49.68 dollars still more to go to receive my first paycheck! So I’ve finally came home and discovered the real threat of what good blogging really is which I found in Blogger (or Blogspot), by way of my Gmail account. Thank you Google for AdSense!

By the way, this is the first officially-authored entry for my enhanced personal blog here in Blogger, although the previous three would still be incorporated herein. I will now update my entries twice or thrice monthly, even weekly, for good regularity and, hopefully, God willing, I would be able to churn out quality articles to cultivate a good readership attention. Thank you Lord for the blessings!

Document done in RoughDraft 3.0, Trebuchet MS font, size 12.

* My late grandfather, Atty. Gervasio Lavilles, wrote his daily column being Editor-in-Chief and Associate Publisher of Cebu Daily News, a Cebu City daily newspaper owned by the late Cebu Governor and City Mayor, then later Senator Sergio Osmeña Jr.


Christine said...

Hi! Thank you for dropping by my site and for sharing your inputs about blogging. I also had adsense running around my site and I sort of given up hope that I will earn through it. hehehe..but you know, what you wrote inspired me.

More power to your blog!

Best Regards,

the jovial wanderer

PinoyApache said...

No problem, Christine.

Keep on blogging!