Wednesday, December 5, 2007


AFTER AN ABSENCE OF more than two years, a home utility appliance reappeared in my home. Recently, last November 9, 2007, I bought a refrigerator -- a metallic-silver Condura 2-door -- and accommodated its valuable 10 cubic feet of cooled space into a vacant part of my house which was reserved, well, for a new refrigerator.

It replaced an ageing Hitachi 6 cubic feet box which has ceased to properly function owing to time and to wear and tear. Since 1989, the latter served my family’s needs and have been sturdy enough to survive several floods that occured in my old house during the ‘90s and in the early part of this decade.

The happiest member in my household would be my wife. She will now be free of the hassles of walking to and fro from the house and to the marketplace everyday for several times of the day be it under a sunny sky or a forlorn rainy evening to buy something to eat or to cook our meals. A stretch of roughly 400 meters which she will now see less and less.

The boys are happy too. They will not be coerced anymore into buying plastic-tubed ice.

But I’m the least happy. It would be another burden to pay the additional increase in our power consumption caused by the addition of the ref in our household’s use.

However, I made sure that the ref I bought has the lowest power consumption among the throng displayed in an appliance store -- 114 watts. It also has the highest energy efficiency rating at 232! So I feel safe with my choice there. I should be happy.

Right, I am happy about the requisition. I bought a Philippine-made appliance which indirectly helped the Philippine economy. It’s the least I can do for my beloved country and I feel happy about it to have reserved this article for my blog.

If it would be possible for you, buy a Philippine product.

Be a good citizen.

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PinoyApache said...

I improvised by placing the ref on a platform with wheels so I could access the drain pan located at the back by moving it easily. It's a matter of adapting and being flexible. I have no complaints whatsoever with the performance of my ref. My food never freezes and it cools the whole compartment evenly. Besides, I earn some money selling ice because it freezes the water in such a short time.

Po said...

hi jing, you could probably earn more with a little marketing twist, try selling flavored ice!

Why on earth did Condura place the drain pan at the back??? That is a silly design flaw. Do they have an email address where you can report this "bug"?

PinoyApache said...

Sam, that is the big question. Why do they place the drain pan at the back? One commenter, which I deleted, gave me a piece of his one-tracked mind.

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