Monday, April 21, 2008


I THINK IT IS best for everybody that I have to share with you of an interesting video that I have discovered during my never-ending and ever ongoing trysts into the Internet following where my curiosity and child-like wonder would lead me into.

This video is about the moving tale of two matchsticks meeting and falling in love with each other at first sight in a park somewhere in your kitchen. Seriously speaking, I found this video in my site solely dedicated for my open source advocacy at MyOpera. Funny, how it got there beats the hell out of me. Even though the poster of this video got the ire of the administrators of MyOpera by deleting its account, I thought otherwise by not deleting this video from my site. In fact, I copied and pasted the video’s URL in my USB drive and archived it hoping someday I may feature it in my blog.

Then, after many many months of hibernating it in a single dimensional world of an opaque word processor, I finally found my urge to write about it and giving justice to the incessant thought that have been bugging and bullying me in the back of my mind.

This video is, obviously, NOT INTENDED FOR GENERAL SHOWING especially in the presence of children below thirteen years old without the benefit of parental guidance and/or in company of responsible adults for the reason that it invites in the viewer carnal desires and tendencies due to the demonstration of the sequence of movements that imitate the human mating positions and actions.

However, if you remove those malicious thoughts, this video is very entertaining and quite flattering. If you dissect the mechanics and the minutest details that go in making this video you will be quite amused at how much time the author spent in shooting the video in different sequence, segments and in reels! Just imagine how many “cameo” sticks he or she used in each sequence that seemed to appear the same and, of course, how many tubes of glue or epoxy are used to accomplish the task of arranging the different positions in each segment until it passed the author’s or of the critic’s eye.

It is an epic for its size!

For whatever its worth, its message is sent and understood to anyone without a big budget to spare. So I am inviting everyone here to try and see the video at your own pace and risk and be educated at the same time of how to make an effective low-budget video.


Flame Of Love! - video powered by Metacafe

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Walt said...

It seems Jing, that I need to go out and find my match.