Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My first Sony® experience is with my younger sister's Walkman®. Whenever I would travel in the countryside I would borrow it from her. If she refused I would sneak it out without her knowing. In time, her Walkman would be my constant companion on the road.

Riding in buses in rural Philippines during the early '80s is not your idea of an ordinary and comfortable ride like we used to enjoy today. The roads then were unpaved and dusty and full of holes turning your travel into one long torturous moment marked by bouncy jolts and creaky springy sounds. People would cram into whatever space available making even the act of breathing a difficult undertaking. It's agonizingly hot in summer and muddy during rainy seasons.

Aside from that, it was the time when the country was ruled by a dictatorship and it is very common for the bus you're riding in would go through several layers of military checkpoints. It was so taxing climbing in and out of the bus amidst the shouts and threats of soldiers. Sometimes, their enemy would imitate them and it made the whole trip a harrowing experience. The only good thing about it, is people would remember where they sat or stood by the time when we climb back inside the bus.

My sister's Walkman® made all the difference in all my constant travels during that time. With its patented noise-reducing earpieces it shut out the babel of voices around me. The soothing sounds of Simon & Garfunkel and America, greatly enhanced by Sony sound technology, hummed in my ears turning my travel into a wonderful and seamless pursuit.

It definitely gave significance in my life just like Sony’s World’s First Noise Canceling Headphones that made a whole lot of difference to this present generation.

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rencalago said...

it is absolutely true that having something with you while traveling reduces stress
i like reading your post

REVIEWS said...

Hello Jing! Wow, this reminds me of myself for soulful music is always my company whenever I choose to spend time alone. It is indeed the food of my soul. :)

PinoyApache said...

Yeah, you're both right. Music is a good companion on the road.