Tuesday, March 10, 2009


FINALLY, Merely My Opinion gets Ratified on January 7, 2009.

So, after months of waiting since September 2008, I finally received this heart-lightening news. Actually, I first tried registering at Ratified.org in June 2007 and was advised to re-register if I could comply their requirements of creating an account first with Page Rank and then with Alexa Rank and finally placing their widget buttons in my blog.

It took me a while though to register again until last year and now I am a bit overwhelmed to see my blog grouped along with fourteen other notable ones under Batch # 18. Along with that, I carried a Ratified Blog ID 795 and, initially, I got ranked at 590 out of 763 blogs.

Clicking on my details I discovered some interesting facts which I have not known before except those stats coming from Page Rank and Alexa Rank whose updated results are shown conspicuously on my blog. You know what, I never knew I have 23 subscribers in my Feedburner. Well, that is mouth-watering to me. But there's more!

My URL address is placed 28 times in 26 blogs of other people and that I hold a Technorati Rank of 231,813. Wow, I never heard all of the above and it's a good thing I got involved with Ratified.org. Presently, I have placed the red Ratified.org button showing my latest rank at 280, up at 310 slots.

Now, I got the chance to be rubbing elbows with the best of Philippine blogs with this highly-prestigious website that is a source of material for the annual Philippine Blog Awards. Their updated list of their flagship project - Top 100 Blogs – are impeccable and detailed showing these super blogs in their front page.

I guess, it would take a long time and a lot of SEO knowledge before I could gain a foothold of the top elite but, in the meantime, I have to bask with the shower of good fortune seeing me break into a new area of ratified horizon.

Nyak! Nyak! Nyak!

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