Sunday, December 13, 2009


WE AGREED THAT IT is to be held on a Sunday on the feast of Saint Lucy, a day which fall under the date of December 13, 2009. It will be the fiesta celebration in our little neighborhood in a little corner of little Tinago, Cebu City. The fiesta is an annual affair since a chapel was established near my place in 1978.

Saint Lucy, by the way, is the patron saint for the blind and for those who have ailments located in the eyes and is venerated by my late grandfather, Gervasio Lavilles, for whom a miracle was bestowed upon him during his childhood. As a child, he was stricken with German measles causing him instant blindness on both his eyes that sank the heart of her mother.

But his ever pious mother, asked for a miracle from the kindly saint. After finishing the ninth day of her novena through the intercession of Saint Lucy, a shout of glee from little Gervasio was heard from within another room of their house. Her curious mother decided to abandon her chores and witnessed a very colorful bird fluttering about the room and saw little Gervasio jumping up and down with joy pointing at the strange bird.

Obviously, a prayer had been heard and the message is delivered by a beautiful bird, whose species is unknown in their locality of Lambunao in Iloilo Province, and Gervasio's sight is thus restored! All for the glory of Christ Jesus!

On the other hand, Cherokee, the youngest of my two sons, will celebrate his 14th birthday on December 14, 2009, a Monday. As had been done in the last two years, we decided to celebrate his birthday to coincide with the feast of St. Lucy upon his suggestion. That way we could manage better and put to good use of what little budget we have.

For sure, Cherokee will have company, as guests, his Farmville-playing neighbors and some classmates. His sister, Laila, and husband, Chokie, probably would come also along with their son, Kurt. Christy, his kuya Charlemagne's girlfriend will be there too and the house will be full at the seams and that will create problems for little Gabriel and Jarod. Their running space will be constricted.

Anyway, I will use the big space upstairs and transfer my PC there for the benefit of the youngsters. My wife cooks the best-tasting food this side of town and you are cordially invited to celebrate fiesta with us!

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lagal[og] said...

Happy fiesta! I guess it's better a bit late than never :D

PinoyApache said...

Hehehe...meron pa pong paksiw Oggie at saka fruit salad.