Monday, February 15, 2010

BABAG TO NAPO TALES XXVI: Maretzel & the Bytebandit

THIS IS MY THIRD Sunday this month on the trails of Napo to Mount Babag. Today is September 27, 2009 and the bytebandit – Vince Belicano – and Maretzel "Ching-ching" Altar are with me. I opted to tell our tale here in images.

The bytebandit and Ching-ching crossing the Sapangdaku River

This is the start of the trail to Mt. Babag.

The Napo Main Trail

The trail from Napo to Busan.

Above one of the Sapangdaku River tributary

There are several of these small dry tributaries that comes alive during rain.

Taking a rest below a big mango tree

This is the old resting place during my early days here.

The Trailhawk

The home team captain.

Down came a herd of goats

We were dislodged from the mango tree by the arrival of the goats.

A long line of goats

The goats never cared about trail courtesy and be sure that you are ahead of them.

The bytebandit contemplating on the second river crossing

This is the end of the Napo Main Trail and the start of the Kahugan and Busan Trails.

My Hi-Tec shoe in action

Given to me last year by Glenn Domingo, it is a sturdy

pair of shoes that complement my active lifestyle.

Up the Busan Trail

The trail passes by small flower plantations and an upland community

in Sitio Busan until it reaches the house of Manwel Roble.

Resting in “Mango Avenue”

So-called for its long line of ancient mangoes lining the trail.

Stopping to feel the caress of the cool breeze

Ching-ching and the bytebandit enjoy a good moment.

Ching-ching enjoy the dance of the bamboo poles and leaves

It is a refreshing site above a ridge exposed to the wind as it coaxed

a grove of bamboo to sway and bend to the caress of the cool breeze.

...if you could only hear the music...of Nature.”

The sound of nature at its finest moment is so relaxing

turning a tiring activity into one that is so enjoyable.

Climbing the Babag East Ridge Pass

After a quality hour at Manwel Roble's place wherein we ate our

packed lunch and later savoring a bunch of young coconut water

and its soft meat.

Ching-ching trailing the bytebandit

The bytebandit churns a fast pace but Ching-ching

puts a good face and took all in stride.

The bytebandit and Ching-ching savoring another round of cool breeze

Another rest at an exposed ridge. The sun remained hidden for the

whole day while the breeze kept up a consistent concerto.

Down to Napo along the Kahugan Trail

The second most famous trail here. This is where I do trail running.

My training load

My black Baikal backpack contained an 11-mm 17-meter kernmantle

rope, my old Camping Gaz stove, my new Bulin stove, a half-full

Nalgene water bottle, a red plastic container, an M&M can used as

container for the old stove, safety matches and two green coconuts.

Oh, the pair of dirty Merell sandals belonged to Boy Toledo

who just shared it here for posterity.

(After the hike, I came just in time when Boy T and Ernie Salomon opened the first of many bottles of San Miguel Beer Grande and Red Horse Strong Beer in our usual hang-out along V. Rama Avenue.)

Photos taken by Nokia 3650 2.0 megapixels camera

Document done in OpenOffice 2.1 Writer


maretzel said...

sir jing.. :) thanks for this one.. i didn't expect to see pictures of us from our september climb... :) this had been one my memorable climb.. :)

PinoyApache said...

no problem, ching...
all my climbs are memorable and i write it or click a pic. :-)

Walt said...

I love your pictures reminds me a lot of my Kentucky.

Marlon Roy said...

Sir. I just discovered your blog now. I noticed that you go to Mt. Babag using napo trail alot. I have been there once during an adventure with some friends. I'm no mountaineering expert but I have learned some things. Do you climb almost every week to napo? I was hoping that I could join you?

PinoyApache said...

Yes, I go there every weekend, alone or with buddies. You don't have to be a mountaineer to walk a trail and climb mountains. What you need is a heart and a determination to propel yourself up a steep hill. Yes, you could join anytime. Text me at 0923-716-2705. I will go there on March 21 and 28 on a new trail I explored.

Marlon Roy said...

Ok sir.. I'll let you know when I am free that time.