Thursday, April 8, 2010


I FASTED FOR SIX days during the recent Holy Week starting from March 29 to April 3, 2010. I just took green tea and lukewarm water in my digestive system as a form of self-sacrifice in order that I may find myself acceptable in His Presence. I find solace in Him and we have a very personal relation.  

I remembered three years ago in 2007 I also fasted. That was my first time. I was struggling with my life's many problems and I looked back to that week and it was so bittersweet. There was a certain urgency of my purpose to fast back then. I have been a sinner for a long time as I could remember and I want to take a 180-degree bow of departure from that life.

Below is the chronological record of the events of the week that was where I even featured this in My Opera blog in April 9, 2007:

April 1. Palm Sunday.
Heard Holy Mass at the Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral, Cebu City at 6:00 PM together with wife, VILMA; son, CHEROKEE; and grandson, JAROD. Brought home two palm fronds with palm crosses which were blessed by the priest with holy water.

April 2. Holy Monday.
Fasted today. Went to work. Attended recollection together with wife at the Light of Jesus Community Center in Mabolo, Cebu City at 7:00 PM. Monsignor Kintanar was the recollection speaker and touched on the interpretation of the episcopal letter of Ricardo Cardinal Vidal, Archbishop of Cebu, which is to preserve the environment by planting trees.

April 3. Maundy Tuesday.
Fasted today. Went to work.

April 4. Holy Wednesday.
Fasted today. Went to work.

April 5. Holy Thursday.
Fasted today. Went to work.

April 6. Good Friday.
My birthday. Still I fasted. Stayed home. Read religious magazines, books and devotionals. Meditated on today's scripture. Watched religious programs on TV.

April 7. Black Saturday.
Fasted today. Went with my wife to the East Visayan Academy (EVA) in Bulacao, Talisay City at 1:00 PM to attend a Tribute to Parents program hosted by the high school graduating class of that school, of which my son, CHARLEMAGNE, is one.

April 8. Easter Sunday.
Broke my fast. Went to attend commencement exercises at EVA at 8:00 AM, together with my wife; my son, CHEROKEE; daughter, LAILA; who was with husband, CHOKIE; and son, KURT. Finally, a high school diploma for son CHARLEMAGNE. Heard Holy Mass at 7:00 PM with wife at the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino in Cebu City.

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