Saturday, May 8, 2010


WALKING, ACCORDING TO my good friend, Dr. Abe Manlawe, is the best exercise. It is most perfect when you walk 6-8 hours everyday. I could do that on weekends only. On the mountain trails of Napo to Mount Babag with a weight on my back. Yes. The sweat, oh, it streamed like a river, especially on a hot day. And I feel good after that. Go, ask Boy Toledo how he felt. You should see him scream with delight.

Seriously, I will walk as long as I am able. I am gifted with a pair of strong legs and would use these in every possible chance. Even walking exposed to the elements like the sun, the wind, rain, dust, even smoke from cars. For that, I am fit and I developed a stamina that my vehicle-driving neighbor have never had dreamed about. The color of my skin is my indicator that I am in the best of health. It is reddish brown; the color of the earth.

The walking allowed me to view the scenes around me in slow easy motion. It allowed me to socialize and greet people with a smile or a nod. I could change my pace – from leisurely to brisk – depending on my schedules or those that walk with me. A flat road surface is ordinary for me and a gravelly and uneven trail suits me fine too. I could walk in any road conditions, in any weather and in any pace short of running. In short, I always burn calories whenever and wherever possible when I walk.

Everyday I walk a kilometer from the highway to my place of work and another kilometer from my office back to the highway; the rest of the distance to and from my home, I commute. When I walk, I am always on the safe side; on the opposite direction where I could see the oncoming traffic. Not even the cool shades on the other side of the street could tempt me to change places. The sweating, I don't mind, as long as I am alive and well.

When I walk, I carry things with either hand. Even with a heavy bag that has shoulder straps. That way, I could also use my arm and hand muscles in tandem with the legs. Convenience is far away from my mind. I would optimize all my movements – my walking – as a form of exercise. This exercise will be of use to me someday. And I am ready for any kinds of emergency – be it calamity or war.

My walking is one of my preparations for war. War will knock anytime at our door and I don't want to be caught in a very bad shape. That would be the ultimate embarrassment. The world today is at peace and we are blessed that pockets of conflict are far away from our doorsteps. We also are so blessed that we still have plenty of that most important natural resource that nations are now fighting for – WATER; a resource that we need in our walking to keep us rehydrated.

I do not know the mileage I have accumulated walking through the years, but I'm pretty sure that mine is well above that of the average human being. For a week, I would average a distance of 20-25 kilometers. More if I am on a backpacking trip of two to three days. Walking on a trail is different in walking on a city street. The latter cannot be applied in the former else you will develop sore muscles and injured toes. There is a whale of a difference in the gait you will use.

It is best, when you walk, that you use both eyes and both ears. Expect always a stray vehicle behind you and be alert. Calculate every moving object as you yourself is moving and change direction and pace often as you would to prevent yourself colliding with another. Walking everyday will develop your motor reflex.

And, lastly, take good care of your feet and use the best-fitting shoes available. It should not be too small and, at least, one size larger. It should be breathable but not compensating the safety of your feet. An able feet will take you anywhere. Enjoy your walking.

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