Thursday, July 8, 2010


FOLLOWING UP ON my February 28, 2010 complete exploration of the last stretch of Bebut's Trail, a route which start from the back of the Our Lady of Guadalupe de Cebu Parish that I discovered on January 10, I brought Boy Toledo, Ernie Salomon and Glen Domingo on May 21 to assess for themselves the condition of the route.

Glen D brought with him his coffee maker and we brewed coffee in a small upland community where we rested. It was black coffee and no sugar. Nevertheless, it pepped up the small party to tackle this route with more enthusiasm even under the extremely-hot summer morning.

We climbed an unnamed peak that gets in our way and Glen D suggested that it be named Starbucks Point, purely by accident and not through an unsolicited endorsement of a product. The rest of the story is told in ten collage of images:

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now thats what i call a good lunch! hehe