Sunday, August 8, 2010

BEBUT'S TRAIL VII: Endurance Training

IT IS THE MIDDLE of summer, April 18, 2010. The hillsides are brown and the creeks are dry. Camp Red, meanwhile, is in training mode. The mainstays – Boy Toledo, Ernie Salomon and I – are towing a trio of bushcrafter wanna-bes – Niño Dizon, Dave Uy and Brady Betonio. Tailing along is Wil Davies (aka Jungle Wil) of Jungle Wild Adventures.

The route is Bebut's Trail, a beautiful trail that I have discovered on January 10, 2010 that is perfect for bushcraft and survival activities. Along the route is a war-era tunnel, copses of fruit-bearing and softwood trees that grow along the edges of the Buhisan watershed and the Baksan forest reserve, a peak, a saddle, ridges and down into dried-up creeks that ends at Napo.

We took lunch beside a waterhole of the now-dry Sapangdaku River and the new guys listened earnestly to Jungle Wil, Boy T and Ernie about some bushcraft tips, use of camping equipment and food preparation. After the meal, everybody showed their blades for posterity.

Below are some of the images done in collage to illustrate the flow of the activity:

Finally, Jungle Wil bequeathed his large stainless-steel cup to Camp Red with a simple ceremony. The cup have been to so many campsites like the Himalayas, Patagonia, the Pyrenees, the Mojave Desert, the Appalachians and to so many crags in the UK, the Grand Canyon, the Rockies and in China before making Cebu its final home. Well, Camp Red is proud and honored to keep this “sacred” cup.

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Walt said...

Nice pictures, they make me wish I was there.