Sunday, December 12, 2010

KERYGMA CONFERENCE 2010: Restoration

THIS IS YEAR 2 of the Kerygma Conference here in Cebu. Today is December 4, 2010 – a Saturday and this year's theme is Restoration. Now a crowd is milling around the reception area of the Grand Pacific Ballroom in Waterfront Hotel in Lahug, Cebu City. As was last year's KCon, held then at the Cebu International Convention Center, I am again tasked to handle security.

My team of volunteers – all ardent outdoorsmen except two - are already in place at their posts and it is truly a big big day for everyone. It is their first time to serve in KCon and all are very eager to hear the message that will be delivered by the Kerygma Preachers, notably from Bro. Bo Sanchez himself who will come directly from Davao in the last part of the program.

Ernie Salomon1, Eugene Abarquez2 and Rowel Seno3 are manning the entrances; Marco Albeza4 and Vince Delicano5 are at the stage wings; Jay de Paula is securing the backstage; Jecris Dayondon6 guards the staff room and Lito Lawas is at the balcony. Me, I do the most trying part – walking here and there and up and down and in and out aside from eyeing the arrival of Bro. Bo who might arrive incognito (as he have done in previous engagements).

Prior to this day, preparations have already been organized for the Cebu leg of KCon starting on October 25, 2010 where Bro. George Gabriel of the Shepherd's Voice Radio and TV Foundation and managing editor of FiSH Magazine came for this purpose. After that, many many meetings were scheduled to fine-tune the committees that will handle the process of work for this big day.

I was here last night and gone home late. I excused myself for this day from my day job and arrive early to serve Jesus at His banquet! Last minute rehearsals were undertaken by Fr. Joseph Skelton and the Light of Jesus Music Ministry. Fr. John Iaccono blessed the venue, exhorting the prayers for protection and imploring the Blessed Virgin Mary for intercession.

At 1:00 PM, the program start with a Healing Mass celebrated by Fr. John then a song and worship by Fr. Joseph. Bro. Carl Fontanilla provide the first talk where an entertainment number by the SOS Children's Village ensue thereafter. At 4:00 PM, Bro. Michael Angelo Lobrin render the second talk and followed by another entertainment number by Fr. Joseph and the SOS children. Bro. George came next with song and worship before Bro. Bo finished the day with the Grand Feast Talk and exhortation and, later, the launching of his latest book entitled Awaken the Healer in You.

There is a book-signing afterwards by Bro. Bo and a crowd developed along the sidelines. My team found their hands full but they were up to the challenge. Everyone who bought Bro. Bo's book got what they wanted plus a cheek-on-cheek pose before flashing cameras. After an hour, my team whisk Bro. Bo to a waiting van for transfer to the airport and our team took the opportunity to have their events ID signed by Bro. Bo himself and pose with him and everyone feel blessed that evening!

For me, I feel like I am walking on air and tomorrow I will climb a mountain...

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1Of Camp Red, a bushcraft and survival group.
2Of Pundok Habagat and currently Vice President for Visayas of the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines, Inc.
3Of Timex Outdoor Club.
4Of Camp Red, a bushcraft and survival group.
5Of the Cebu Mountaineering Society.
6Of the Cebu Mountaineering Society.

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