Wednesday, February 15, 2012

POEM #7: Budget Backpacking

Hot day on a simmering ridge,
I am almost at the top the hill.
Behind me, are two old men;
lagging a hundred meters and trudging
up a trail in their darnedest best; snorting and wheezing!

Somewhere farther behind,
moving up swift and furious,
are winds spurred on by a storm cloud.
Overtaking the two old beans and me;
in a rare burst of cold shower in the middle of summer!

Thirsty ground and wilted greens;
now, made wet and alive by a passing rain.
Trees danced on the fringes of Buhisan,
underneath is a path that led to the teak forests of Baksan,
where coffee break waited eternally at Starbucks Hill.

Across is Mount Lanipao and a saddle;
beyond is Arcos Ridge and a route down to Sapangdaku River.
You know, Bebut's Trail are full of surprises.
It goes crescent-like from Guadalupe to Napo
where most journeys start
...or end.

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