Thursday, May 24, 2012

PIBC MMXII: Plugged & Kicking!

ON JUNE 10, 11 AND 12, 2012, this blog – Warrior Pilgrimage – will once again convene the Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp (PIBC) at a mythical place called “Camp Damazo”, which is found deep in a hidden nook of the Babag Mountain Range, Cebu City, Philippines. Supporting again this endeavor is Camp Red, the only outdoors group in the country south of Subic Bay that focused solely on bushcraft and survival.

PIBC MMXII promises to be better this year and the transfer of “Camp Damazo” to a new, but improved, location speaks for itself. This blogger is the organizer and the main instructor of PIBC. Moreover, the following PIBC MMXI alumni shall be tapped by this writer to help out in running PIBC MMXII:

RANDELL SAVIOR (Camp Red/Tribu Dumagsa) shall be the official Camp Ramrod. He shall be in charge with the administration of Camp Damazo like ground space allocation, water, firewood and hygiene. He shall brief regularly the participants about camp rules that will be implemented and the daily routine that each participant will take part.

RAYMUND PANGANIBAN (Camp Red) shall be the official PIBC MMXII Photographer. He shall document all camp activities and related events through his camera lens. He shall assist the Camp Ramrod with the administration of Camp Damazo.

ERNESTO SALOMON (Redtrekkers) is the official Camp Fixer. He shall prepare, fix and cook the six meals allotted for PIBC MMXII. He shall coordinate with the Camp Ramrod pertaining to the collection of water and fuel.

GLENN PESTAÑO (Camp Red) shall demonstrate and expound the module on Every Day Carry or EDC. He shall assist the Camp Ramrod with the administration of Camp Damazo.

To recall, the first edition in 2011 (PIBC MMXI) were attended by fourteen participants. It was the first time that a bushcraft camp was held in the archipelago that was programed and devoted for Philippine Independence. So, PIBC MMXII will basically be like the previous year’s event but more expanded in the number of days, modules, participation and camping area.

Due to the sensitive location of Camp Damazo, PIBC MMXII shall limit participation to only twenty participants. June 11 shall be dedicated to the teaching of the basics while June 12 shall be focused on the celebration of Philippine independence in the morning while the rest of the day shall be spent at the Lanipao Rainforest Resort.

Registration is Eight Hundred Pesos (P800.00) to include event t-shirt, meals, certificate of participation, field manual, the free use of Lanipao Rainforest Resort and other operational expenses like security and site transportation. If interested, click this link which will leadyou to Facebook and read the details and other posts or you may contact this blogger at +63923-716-2705 or Randell Savior at +63932-450-7551 for more details.

For those that have showed their intention of joining, please send your payment in advance to the designated bank account number found in the events page of PIBC MMXII. There will be no on-site registration and payment. Failing so, would deprive you of participating this once-a-year activity.

PIBC MMXII shall officially start from the Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish in Guadalupe, Cebu City on June 10, 2012 at 12:00 noon where participants will be transferred to the trailhead at Baksan and then follow the network of streams into Camp Damazo, which is located on a high ground surrounded by thick forest. Below is the full itinerary of PIBC MMXII:

10:00 – Assembly, Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish
          (Take your lunch before start of activity)
12:00 – Leave Guadalupe for Baksan by public jitney
12:45 – Arrive Baksan, prepare water and gears
13:00 – Leave Baksan for Camp Damazo by streams
16:30 - Arrive Camp Damazo, rest & rehydrate
17:00 – Explore camp, pitch tents/sleeping quarters
18:00 – Prepare dinner
19:00 – Dinner time
20:00 – Socials, PIBC overview
24:00 – Taps

05:00 – Wake-up call
05:30 – Prepare breakfast
06:00 – Breakfast time
08:00 – Introduction to Bushcraft and Survival
09:00 – Tool Making
10:00 – EDC Preparation
11:00 - Prepare lunch
12:00 – Lunch time
12:30 – Siesta/socials
13:30 – Knife Care and Safety
14:30 – Foraging and Firecraft
16:00 – Outdoor Cooking
17:00 – Prepare dinner
18:00 – Nocturnal Hunting
19:00 – Dinner time
20:30 – Socials, Training review
24:00 – Taps

05:00 – Wake-up call
05:30 – Prepare breakfast
06:00 – Breakfast time
07:30 – Philippine National Anthem
07:45 – Oath of Allegiance
08:00 – Socials, photo session
09:00 – Break camp
09:00 – Leave Camp Damazo for Lanipao via Lensa Trail
11:00 – Arrive Lanipao Rainforest Park, rest & rehydrate
11:15 – Prepare lunch
12:00 – Lunch time
13:00 – Socials
16:00 - Leave Lanipao for Guadalupe by multicab
16:30 – Arrive Guadalupe
17:00 – Post-activity discussions, socials

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