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WHEN MINDS HARBORING GOOD intentions flock together, a small miracle would always erupt. Providence might have a hand with this but it is all part of his design (isn’t it so?) starting from the gamuts of weaving invisible threads that connect and re-cross each other at several points amongst stars and cosmic dust.

When good-intentioned minds do think of the same good things, a floodgate of good ideas comes forth in a beautiful rhythm that have its original beginnings composed by the Great Bandleader who makes his home upstairs where gates are reportedly made of the whitest of pearl. Yeah, that may be true, I reckon so, and I read it somewhere.

Fortunately in my circle, I have lots of friends who are into this kind of syndrome. Who knows, they may have been angels at one time or another sent on a mission to flush out opium farmers in the Hindu Kush Mountains of Afghanistan with nose flutes and trombones?

Okay. Okay. I am serious now. No more jokes. Promise.

I do have friends who are planning to donate school supplies like notebooks, pencils, writing pads, etc. for underprivileged children who lived in the highlands of Cebu. Yeah, I am serious. Where to source these items is one of the most difficult sixty-four dollar query of that moment. Besides, this is a never-ending advocacy that should be supported by everyone, I including.

Why the highlands? Okay, these friends of mine are outdoorsmen and they are out there sweating on the mountains and witnessing, on close quarters, what really is poverty. These friends of mine are bred in sheltered or urbane homes and seeing children carrying schoolbags up and down a trail to school and home, rain or shine, dawn or dusk, barefooted or not, makes them wonder why these children have to suffer so much?

I could relate with my friends, not because I grew up like them, but because I am of both worlds. I grew up in a semi-poverty situation and I studied in a public school although I had not lived on a mountain. My grandfather was and he told me stories of his hardships and it is ingrained in me and why my heart sympathize with these children.

Now comes the good part. Jerome Tan and Dominikus Sepe met at the Red Hours Convenience Store in M. Velez Street, Guadalupe, Cebu City. Jerome Tan is with the Redtrekkers while Dominikus is trying out with Camp Red. Redtrekkers and Camp Red are close kindred and both groups feel comfortable at Red Hours. Over glasses of cold Red Horse Extra Strong Beer, both discovered something interesting and their ears turned red as their talk moved to something worthwhile.

It happens that both Doms and Jerome are fond of ‘80s music. No, they are not of the same age, in fact, they are a generation apart. Jerome find the best moments of his life in the ‘80s, just like me, while Dominikus is a musician, a front act, specializing in ‘80s music. Dominikus and Jerome are fans of Morissey. Now the thread is starting to weave its way. Don’t disrupt me, please!

Somewhere along the way comes Roger Siasar of Outdoorsmen’s Hub. Roger is the Man Friday of OH and he makes magic with sponsorships and such. He approaches Handuraw Events Cafe, with the help of Dominikus, for a one-night gig of a concert for a cause. The theme is the ‘80s music and both looked for several bands to propel this idea into reality.

By the quirks of a Filipino’s penchant to value the bayanihan spirit, especially of education advocacy, Dominikus was able to invite and commit, for a song, the bands SEPHYLA, DEANERY and MISSING FILEMON – all rocking names in the local music scene – to perform on stage on the evening of June 1, 2012. So, that’s it the poster got printed and the event was posted in all Facebook accounts where all my friends and associates are and WHO PUT THE “N” IN NATURE? was born.

This is a FREE event for the general public. A donation of, at least, a pencil and a notebook - an option - would give purpose to the existence of this event. I brought twelve sets of these plus a dozen boxes of crayon, writing pads and pencil sharpeners. The donation table grew to an overwhelming mound as well-meaning individuals trickle in.

The event went on smoothly and I was there to document, take videos and shoot pictures; as well as to inform my readers that Cebu has a friendly vibrance and a relaxed environment which nurtures good fellowship and camaraderie amongst off-stream outdoor groups and visitors like Mark Estrella – an accomplished mountaineer from Luzon.

Emcee for the event is JB “Badburner” Albano. JB did a good job and I could not find a better microphone jock except he at that time.

This event would not have been possible also without the participation and hard work of the following:

REDTREKKERS with Jerome Tan, Boy Toledo and Ernie Salomon
OUTDOORSMEN’S HUB with Rans Cabigas, Roger Siasar and JB Albano
TRIBU DUMAGSA MOUNTAINEERS with Randell Savior, Marjorie Savior, Ella Savior,
Shildy Savior, Glenn Tampus and Aaron James Aragon
EWIT MOUNTAINEERS with Eric Rio and Pawpaw Surban
CAMP RED with Jing de Egurrola, Jhurds Neo, Laertes Ocampo and Dominikus Sepe
GREEN*POINT with Loose Page and Myke Padriga
OUTSIDERS (Life from the Outside)
WARRIOR PILGRIMAGE (Outdoor Outcomes and Other Adventures)

In behalf of all, I thank those who came to donate educational materials; to those who gave support; and to those who watched the show!

The following are the collage of images that document before, during and after the event:

Document done in LibreOffice 3.3

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