Sunday, November 25, 2012


IT HAD BEEN a long time.  

Yes, I think it is almost a decade since I last brought my wife to a movie house.
What was that film we last watched?

Oh, Alexander the Great.


I remembered it starred Collin Farrell as Prince Alexander of Macedonia.

I remembered too that we watched it at the Elizabeth Mall.

By God, that was in 2003!

How come watching movies become so rare for me now?

Well, economics play a role.

As of late, it is uneconomical for me to spend money for old-fashioned conventional entertainment like cinema houses offer.

I simply lost my zest to watch films on the big screen as my budget is stretched to the limit running a household.

Also, film piracy has to do with that.

You could watch your favorite stars on dirt-cheap DVDs in the comforts of your home instead of commuting yourself to the malls where the modern cinemas are.

It’s much cheaper to buy pirated films than lining yourself for a seat inside a movie house.

And you could watch the DVD films over and over and over…

Without cuts.

No sweat.

Besides that, in this age of WIFIs, you could download moving pictures or watch it on your palms or on your laps.

But last night (August 23, 2012), I finally got to seat myself inside the cinema.

 With my wife, of course.

The flick is Bourne Legacy.

Good movie.

Compliments of our sponsor although I get to shell out one peso.

How come I pay just a peso when it is expensive to watch a movie?

It’s complicated.

Ask me why?

It is a movie pass good for one person that is validated which elicited from me a peso. 

I am given a ticket for that which I press into an optical reader and the turnstile opened up for my wife.

The other is an e-Card.

I just place it inside a slot, it bounces back to my hand and the turnstile opened up for me.


That’s how they run things in SM City Cebu.

I really miss the big screens and the “sensurround” sound system. 

Last night was a nostalgic night for me.

There were fewer than twenty people watching inside.
Good for me.

Bad for business.

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