Wednesday, May 8, 2013

LET THE SHOW BEGIN: Who Put the "N" in Nature II (Books + Music + Trees)

HANDURAW EVENTS CAFE, together with CAMP RED BUSHCRAFT & SURVIVAL GUILD and the MOUNTAIN CLIMBERS ALLIANCE OF THE PHILIPPINES-Cebu Chapter, presents the second sequel of WHO PUT THE “N” IN NATURE Concert-for-a-Cause on May 18, 2013 at 8:00 PM. 

This is a free event that will benefit the schoolchildren living in the highlands of Cebu City and all you need to do to show support is to come and bring either a notebook, a pencil, a writing pad, a pencil sharpener, a box of crayon, a ruler, a brown envelope or, better still, all of the above.

Playing to entertain the crowd again is DEANERY, an all-Cebuano New Wave band who just released their first video album - “Monthlong Sundays”.   Also sharing the stage are local rock bands SUNDAY SUNDAY, THE MOCK, TIGER PUSSY and HAPPY DAYS.  Emcee again for the night is the ever-popular JB “The Badburner” Albano, whose “I am not running for mayor” byline caught the fancy of last year’s crowd.

Supporting this event are SILANGAN Outdoor Equipment, SNAKEHAWK Wilderness Skills School, RAK Apparels, WHACKY Ventures, PRIMARY Mountaineers, Visayan Trekkers Forum, Outdoorsman’s Hub, Tribu DUMAGSA Mountaineers, SUGBO Outdoor Club, EWITERS Mountaineers, Tribu WAFU WAFA, Enthusiast of Cebu Outdoors, KUYAMAW, HAPPY FEET Mountaineers, REDTREKKERS, Organization of Single Mountaineers, BAGTAK Mountaineers and the WARRIOR PILGRIMAGE Blog.

The idea about WHO PUT THE “N” IN NATURE is really the brainchild of Dominic Sepe of Camp Red and Jerome Tan of the Redtrekkers.  Both are avid David Morrisey fans and both decide to organize a concert-for-a-cause last year and borrowed the song title of that singer - “Who Put the ‘M’ in Manchester” - modified it, and made it the name of their event.

That was on June 1, 2012 and that outcome resulted to the collection of a good volume of school supplies from those who patronized the show and which got distributed in Sitio Kahugan, Barangay Sapangdaku, Cebu City on July 15, 2012.  Last year’s success goaded the present organizers to make this an annual event instead.

The original set-up have not been altered.  The door is open to all.  Witness and hear the bands play.  Enjoy the late ‘60s to early ‘70s ambiance of Handuraw, their pizza, the cold beer, the company and the stage presence of the Badburner. 

Come with a big heart and make a child happy with your donation.  It matters much to the recipients and it would release a great burden for their parents on their children’s education.  Make this a successful event with your presence.  Nurture the good virtue of charity.


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Anonymous said...

will be there sir! kita kits! this is the first time that i will be joining such event! :)

Anonymous said...

See you around on this event Sir Jing!:) let's get it on! :)