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IT IS THE MONTH of June once again and it is time for the opening of a new school year as well as the celebration of Philippine Independence Day which fall on the twelfth. Warrior Pilgrimage pay homage to our country’s well-deserved freedom by organizing the yearly PHILIPPINE INDEPENDENCE BUSHCRAFT CAMP. Cebu City will, again, play host to ladies and gentlemen willing to learn the rudiments of bushcraft and survival on June 10, 11 and 12.

The PIBC is a rare outdoors event which differ so much from the traditional mass climbs done every Independence Day by outdoor clubs. Instead, PIBC teaches people wilderness and survival skills while enjoying the outdoors. It is a pilgrimage of learning, of camaraderie and of love of country. It delve into the roots of your primal existence and your relation to your environment. It develops character and prepares yourself when the ice cream hits the fan.

In 2011, when the first PIBC was held, fourteen participants came. Last year there were sixteen and, this year, I limit the participation to twelve for this is not a commercial endeavour. The location will still be at Camp Damazo, a concealed place found deep among the bowels of the Babag Mountain Range. Lending me a hand are members of the Camp Red Bushcraft and Survival Guild, themselves alumni of PIBC MMXI and PIBC MMXII.

Randell Savior shall again be the Camp Ramrod. He shall be in charge with the administration of Camp Damazo like ground space allocation, camp hygiene and the tasks to retrieve water and firewood. He shall brief regularly the participants about camp rules that will be implemented and the daily routine that each participant will take part.

Ernesto Salomon is still the official Camp Fixer. He shall prepare, fix and cook the six meals allotted for PIBC MMXIII participants and staff. He shall coordinate with the Camp Ramrod pertaining to the collection of water and fuel. Eli Bryn Tambiga shall be the designated Camp Medic and Scribe. He shall document all camp activities and related events through the camera lens as well as administer first aid to injured participants and camp staff.

Glenn Pestaño shall again demonstrate and expound the module on Every Day Carry or EDC while Fulbert Navarro shall concentrate on the chapter about Basic Knot-Tying. Both shall provide their respective training aids as may be desired and both shall assist the Camp Ramrod with the administration of Camp Damazo.

Camp Hands shall be composed of Jhurds Neo, Dominic Sepe and JB Albano. Each have separate functions and all shall assist the Camp Ramrod with the administration of Camp Damazo. Expected to grace this year’s PIBC are other alumni from here and from Luzon.

Here is the final list of PIBC MMXIII participants and are as follows:

  1. Ricardo Caliolio
  2. Aljew Fernando Frasco
  3. Aaron Maderazo
  4. Anthony Echavez
  5. Marc Josef Lim
  6. Warren Señido
  7. Allan Aguipo
  8. Christopher Maru
  9. Ariel Cercado
  10. James Ryan Combista
  11. Barry Paracuelles
  12. Johnas Obina

When this organizer have closed the deadline for the slots of participation, it cannot say no to the demand of more people wanting to join the PIBC MMXIII and the PIBC is obliged to accept them, nonetheless:

  1. Anthony Espinosa
  2. Yuri Postrero
  3. Patrick Henry Calzada
  4. Antonette Bautista
  5. Aaron Francis Binoya
  6. Chad Bacolod

All have paid their registration fee of Eight Hundred Pesos (P800.00) which already includes the event T-shirt, six meals, certificate of participation, instructional literature, the free use of Lanipao Rainforest Resort and other operational expenses like security and site transportation. The cost is fair enough and you could not avail of this elsewhere unless you pay expensively.

If interested for next year’s PIBC, contact this blogger at +63933-3911-62 or at +63927-397-1214 for an early reservation.

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