Saturday, September 21, 2013

NAPO TO BABAG TALES LXII: Ninety-Seven at the Outreach

ALMOST EVERYONE ARE HERE. The proceeds of the Who Put the “N” in Nature II Concert-for-a-Cause held last May 19, 2013 at the Handuraw Events Cafe and those that were solicited from donors who requested not to be named are going to be distributed today – MAY 26, 2013. Aside that, there will be free meals to the recipients

Ninety-seven strong came to bring goodwill to children of school age to the delight of their parents at Kahugan, Sapangdaku, Cebu City. It is a Sunday and the heavens blessed us a very perfect weather. Father Providence must have smiled above and the trails and mountains radiate in a mysterious ambiance that make our footfalls light despite extra-heavy loads from our normal day packs.

This selfless endeavour projects a good statement that the alternative outdoors community here in Cebu is united and throbbing vibrantly, especially when centered for a good cause. There is a long list of names and they leave their imprints on their good deeds in a community on the foothills of the Babag Mountain Range which, incidentally, is their playground.

Below are the collage of images of the children of Kahugan and the 97 at The Outreach:

And, finally, these are the names of the 97 who are shaking heaven in a jolly mood:

Jingaling                           Silver
Erin Elarcosa                     Mabelle
Totoy                                Darean
Chad                                 Luckyboy
Maria Iza Mahinay            Bebot Decina
Nicole Jesson Bacolod    Jackelyn Pino
Jhay Gabriel Bacolod      Shem Ancajas
Mary Grace Bacolod        Ignatius del Castillo
Anne Caca                       Armando Catingan Jr.
Maricor Bunal                  Nyor Pino
Aldrin Montealto             Tisoy Dael
Bat-bat                             Pew-pew
Moi-moi                            Ric
Rey Anthony Narciso      Glenn Ong
Roy Sec                            Harold Cabague
Jenelyn Saludar               Karen Rae Arnoco
Kyjean Tomboc               Jeane Louise Mainit
Marj Savior                      Shildy Savior
Bonny Ann Gicale          Ruel Parena
Cherry Cutaran               Maphy Maquilang
Rancy Malabo                Glenn Tubilla
Charlie Singuit                Marie Denise Cristobal
Joice Maide Lirazan        Rena Nuneza
Mynil Gila                        Pocholo Duragos
Dale Cyrell Sartagoda    Jah Zreal
Wendell Pastor               Edward Pilario
Jei Servano                     Neil Jarina
Sien Alfanta                    Michael John Vasquez
Ronel Hayag                  Jean Pono
Diahna Montilla             Charm Sumagalang
Iris Ceniza                       Harold Hayo
Meriam Angana             Mark Darren Papellero
Jeannete Escalante       Anthony Espinosa
Barry Paraculles             Joefrey Erguiza
Maria Luisa Mata           Althea Alfeche
Marlene Mae Mamhot   April Joy Erames
Jean Carla Acharon      Channen Grace Sarmiento
Patrick Calzado              Antonette Bautista
Elizabeth Caliste            John Rivera
John Jason Abella        Christian Paul Bojos
Jhurds Neo                   Dianne Signe
Boy Olmedo                  Ernie Salomon
Boy Toledo                    Ramon Corro
Randell Savior               Jing de Egurrola
James Bungcasan         Melissa Narbuada
Dominikus Sepe            Chris Comendador
Fulbert Navarro            Tonton Perpetua
Jean del Mar                 Aaron Binoya
JB "Badburner" Albano

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