Tuesday, May 13, 2014


HANDURAW PIZZA & EVENTS CAFE, together with the ENTHUSIASTS OF CEBU OUTDOORS and the SIGMA ALPHA EPSILON Fraternity and Sorority, presents the third sequel of WHO PUT THE “N” IN NATURE Concert-for-a-Cause on May 16, 2014 at 8:00 PM.

This is a free event that will benefit the schoolchildren living in the highlands of Cebu City and all you need to do to show support is to come and bring either a notebook, a pencil, a writing pad, a pencil sharpener, a box of crayon, a brown envelope or, better still, all of the above.

Playing to entertain the crowd again are DEANERY, SUNDAY SUNDAY, TIGER PUSSY and HAPPY DAYS. Joining this year is another local band, THE SPIRALS. Emceeing for the third time is the ever dependable mike jock, JB “The Badburner” Albano.

Supporting this event are USC COED-SESO, Silangan Outdoor Equipment, Titay’s Lilo-an Rosquillos & Native Delicacies, Death Valley Magazine, RAK Apparels, Mountain Climbers Alliance of the Philippines, Trans Montis Mountaineers, Base Camp Recreations, RECON-MACE7, Ewiters, Tribu Wafu Wafa, Sugbo Outdoors Club, South Side Project Adventure, Redtrekkers, Camp Red Bushcraft & Survival Guild and the Warrior Pilgrimage Blog. 

WHO PUT THE “N” IN NATURE started in 2012 when Dominic Sepe of Camp Red and Jerome Tan of the Redtrekkers brainstormed this event into the consciousness of the Cebuano outdoors community to raise awareness on the basic educational needs of the children of the highlands of Cebu City. These places are home to the communities that dot the Babag Mountain Range, a favorite playing ground of local outdoors groups and freedom-loving individuals.

That was on June 1, 2012. It was a resounding success since those who patronized that event, came to donate notebooks, pencils, writing pads, erasers, envelopes, used textbooks, etc. which were distributed the following month. Because of that, a sequel was being hatched by the new set of organizers led by the local chapter of MCAP on May 17, 2013 which up the ante on the number of donated school material and distributed quickly in a short period of time.

The original set-up have not been altered. It is open to all. Witness the bands play. Enjoy the ‘60s ambiance of Handuraw, their pizza, the cold beer, the good company and the stage presence of the Badburner. Come with a big heart and make a child happy with your donation. It matters much to the recipients and it would release a great burden for their parents. Make this a successful event.

Share for the sake of the children of the highlands.

May 23, 2014.
Same time.

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reception hall said...

Great staff, we were so overwhelmed and caught up with the moment and so thankful the way the staff handled the event for us- b/c obviously we did not eat for the rest of the night!