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MAKING A DIFFERENCE.  This is the theme of this year’s Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp.  For the past three years (2011, 2012, 2013), the PIBC had been held at Camp Damazo in Cebu City.  This year, it will be, for the first time, hosted at Lower Sayao, Sibonga, Cebu.  Sibonga is found 56 kilometers south of Cebu City while the campsite can be reached through Ocaña, Carcar or via Candaguit, Sibonga.      

When you are with this camp of three days, you are already making a difference of yourself.  You will be taught basic tropical survival and primitive-living skills.  You will be with unconventional outdoorsmen and you will know them.  You will refresh your love of country and know who you would defend against.  You will be fed with nothing except real-world skills that will make a difference between obscurity and surviving.

The Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp changes your perception of how you would enjoy the outdoors.  You will get to appreciate nature better and you will attain great satisfaction for every little thing you do while outdoors.  The PIBC molds you into independent individuals with strong self-reliance skills that can be harnessed anytime from a backyard picnic to disaster areas.

Today’s PIBC shall be limited to a maximum of twelve participants since learning in an outdoors setting is conducive for a limited number of people only.  The first day (June 10) will be about Introduction to Bushcraft and Survival, Knife Care and Safety, Survival Tool-Making, and Knot-Tying.  In the evening will be a traditional bushcraft camp socials which is the Campfire Yarns and Storytelling.  A real fire will be lit and it will be the center of camp life. 

The second day (June 11) will be focused on Shelters, Firecraft, Foraging and Plant Identification, Prepping, and Outdoor Cooking.  The new chapter on Prepping shall be demonstrated at Upper Sayao during the plant ID and prepper lab tour.  During nighttime, there will be Nocturnal Hunting and, later, another much wilder Campfire Yarns and Storytelling.  For a whole day, the participants will be exposed to hunger as a simulation on the realities of survival. 

The third day (June 12) will concentrate on Philippine Independence Day with patriotic programs scheduled for the morning like singing of the National Anthem and the Oath of Allegiance to flag and country.  Another bushcraft tradition – the Blade Porn – will follow, then the photo socials and last, will be Blanket Trading.  The certificates and free giveaways will then be distributed at an undisclosed location where the after-event party will be held.

The participants are advised to bring their own food good for three meals where each shall prepare and cook their own lunch and dinner on the first day; and the only meal of the day – which is dinner – shall be on the second day after a day-long fast.  The only meal for the third day shall be prepared by the PIBC staff for the participants.  They are encouraged to bring any knife.  They may bring tents but tarp sheets and laminated nylon sheets could enhance better the appreciation on the principles of “adapt, blend and improvise”.     

The Warrior Pilgrimage Blog and the Camp Red Bushcraft and Survival Guild are the only official organizers of PIBC MMXIV.  For the fourth time, this blogger will be the main instructor.  Camp Ramrod chores will be shared by both Jhurds Neo (2012) and Dominic Sepe (2012).  Camp Fixer is Ernie Salomon (2011) while the Camp Hawkeye is Eli Bryn Tambiga (2012).  Segment Instructors will be Fulbert Navarro (2012) for Knot-Tying and Aljew Frasco (2013) for Knife Care and Safety.

Assembly area will be at the 7Eleven Convenience Store, infront of the Cebu South Bus Terminal, at 5:00 AM of June 10.  Participants and PIBC staff will be shuttled by bus, provided free by the Municipality of Lilo-an, to the trailhead.  The bus will return to pick us up at 12:00 noon of June 12 back to Cebu City to party then get to know the alumni of the 2011, 2012 and 2013 class. 

Finishing the PIBC gives you the option to join Camp Red and on any of their scheduled activities.  All in all, the PIBC have produced 47 would-be bushcrafters and a few have distinguished or improved themselves through self-practice and through participation of activities hosted by Camp Red.  This PIBC MMXIV will open many possibilities for you that you have not had thought existed. 

Make a difference, be with the few.  Your registration of P800 would go a long way forever.  Survival skills will beat all those expensive gears anytime and it does not deteriorate, gets lost or needs replacement.  Make a call or text to me at +639333225005 or at +639172035101.

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