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THE WARRIOR PILGRIMAGE BLOG happily announces the opening of the fifth Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp. The PIBC is a yearly outdoors seminar, scheduled every June 10, 11 and 12, and it teach novices about primitive-living techniques and wilderness survival skills. It is also a patriotic event where every individual give allegiance to flag and country as well as a venue to foster camaraderie and friendship among outdoorsmen.

The 2015 edition of the PIBC will be hosted by the Municipality of Lilo-an, Province of Cebu. Lilo-an is 17 kilometers north of Cebu City. The municipal government will provide free transportation for the organizers and participants from the assembly area at JCenter Mall in Mandaue City to the trailhead on the hilly village of Mulao. The PIBC is a partnership between this blog and the Camp Red Bushcraft and Survival Guild.

The campsite will be located along Cotcot River and is wide enough to accommodate about 20 tents plus several individual hammock-and-tarp shelters. It is not on a fragile environment but a place frequented by people because of the proximity of mango trees, bamboos and grass for grazing. Across the stream, on Compostela side, is a free-flowing natural spring. The river provides catfish, shrimp, eel, tilapia and crabs for locals and will be the live laboratory for Nocturnal Hunting.

This year’s theme is COURAGE AND MIND SKILLS. Bushcraft is all about a thinking mind that produces many skills. Without it, you will find it hard to adapt and blend in a wilderness setting. Bushcraft is a cerebral activity disguised as an outdoor activity. Because of the mind, an individual gains headway into places least travelled. The mind nurtures confidence and boldness into a single individual. Early explorers used bushcraft in the face of the unknown.

For the first time, the topic about Ethical Bushcraft will be included. This is compiled into one discussion and taken from the few chapters of my e-Book project of the same title. Ethical Bushcraft teaches and guides the participants the proper norms in a bushcraft activity. It embraces respect and protection of the environment – the bushcraft way, and it rejects wrong notions and practices learned from TV and new media.

A new chapter is also included – Practical Wilderness Treatments. This will be taught by Eli Bryn Tambiga (2012) of Camp Red, who happens to be a volunteer of the Philippine National Red Cross. The chapter on basic knots would be upgraded into Simple Knots, Lashes and Braids which Dominik Sepe (2012) will demonstrate, also of Camp Red. Another from Camp Red, Aljew Frasco (2013), will talk about Knife Care and Safety.

The rest of the topics like Introduction to Bushcraft, Survival Tool Making, Shelters, Foraging and Plant ID, Firecraft, and Outdoor Cooking are retained. These will be backed by peripheral activities like Campfire Yarns and Storytelling, Nocturnal Hunting, the Blade Porn, Blanket Trading, the singing of the National Anthem, the oath of allegiance to Flag and Country, and the post-PIBC party.

So far, twenty-five participants have signified their intention in joining PIBC 2015. Majority of those who will attend are based in the Metro Cebu area while two will come from Luzon. This would be the first time that a father-and-son tandem will join the PIBC. The passing of knowledge is the reason why the PIBC is established and we see it fit to hand out a special consideration to minors by giving them free admission.

Coming back to assume as Camp Ramrod (the camp administrator) is Jhurds Neo (2012); Eli Bryn Tambiga (2012) will also take on the functions of Camp Hawkeye (the photographer) and Medic; and Ernie Salomon (2011) as Camp Fixer (the cook). Lending hands are Lilo-an boys who are themselves products of PIBC 2013, namely: Christopher Maru, Allan Aguipo and Warren Señido.

The PIBC started in 2011, in a place called Camp Damazo, in a hidden part of the Babag Mountain Range, Cebu City. There were fourteen people then who found themselves in an unconventional camping activity. In 2012, sixteen participants came and, in 2013, there were eighteen. In 2014, the PIBC transferred to Sibonga, Cebu, and eight participants learned the rudiments of tropical bushcraft with a special chapter on Prepping and Homesteading.

Bushcraft is not a popular outdoors activity here and many people misunderstood it as survival. Bushcraft is not really survival in the purest sense of the word but it actually is in that stage where survival have yet to happen. It is that stage where you are in preparation, or in the process of learning the things, for your survival. A bushcraft camp is an outdoors live-in seminar where knowledge and skills are imparted to the participants.

For now, Cebu is the only place in the Philippines where bushcraft is taught but, this blogger believes that it shall be replicated in other places soon. Hopefully, PIBC products from Luzon will take that direction soon. PIBC is non-commercial. Registration is only pegged at P800.00, inclusive of a PIBC T-shirt, certificate, limited transportation, real camping experience and a grand meal on the last day. So, while in Lilo-an, make waves.

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