Wednesday, June 8, 2016


THE KENTUCKY COLONEL and the High Priest of Pimpdom is in town. Yeah, one of the co-stars of Discovery Channel's “Dude You're Screwed” is here. Along with Jake Zweig, John Hudson, Terry Schappert and Matt Graham, Thomas D. Moore made survival reality show more exciting by competing with the elements as they each find their way to civilization in under 100 hours after being left in the middle of nowhere. DYS debuted in 2013, made it to its second season in 2014 and was shown in Asia as “Survive That”.

Tom, better known by his Internet handles of Tomahawk and Pathfinder Tom, is a regular visitor in the Philippines, particularly here in Cebu, where I first met him in 2009. His recent coming has got to be connected with another survival TV project which he aims to promote, produce and direct. It would be called “Expedition Philippines” and, in a sense, is a real expedition in itself. Scenes would be shot in the jungles of Bataan and in Palawan, islands off Cebu and Samar, and the highlands of the Cordilleras.

During the expedition, I will be his second and, during the actual shooting, I will have my own episode. Six other international survival TV celebrities will each have their own episodes upon the invitation of the Colonel. Some of the guys at Camp Red Bushcraft and Survival Guild are already being chosen to compose the expedition team, based upon my recommendations, and the rest will get to see their idol in the flesh today, September 13, 2015.

We are going to the town of San Fernando, for a fiesta celebration in the mountain village of Tonggo. Jhurds Neo brought a Hyundai Starex for this occasion. Crowding out behind are the Tomahawk, me, Ernie Salomon, Richie Quijano, Mark and Mirasol Lepon, Jingaling Campomanes, Nelson Tan and our host Nelson Orozco with his relatives. On a new Yamaha DT motorcycle, is Glenn Pestaño, riding escort. The following are photo montage of our Sunday activity:

After the merrymaking, we hop back to the Starex and do sightseeing at the Singli Mountain Resort. It has a good-sized swimming pool in the middle of the resort with another smaller one across the road to a low hill. It is far from a community and would give some peace of mind to a traveller and is good for a family and company outing too. After that, we proceed back to Cebu City and see to it that the Colonel is in his hotel safe and sound.

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