Friday, May 1, 2009


IT WAS ON THE EVE of April Fool's Day that Tactical Security Agency and Detective Agency, Inc. finally marched their troops on the historic compound of the Cebu Provincial Capitol after months of anxiety and preparations and despite rumours of a second-rate agency being awarded instead the security contract and will take over the hard won areas which, in the first place, were legally Tactical Security's after a result of a bidding battle where they won fair and square. And cemented by the signing of the deed of contract by the lady governor herself – Her Excellency Gwendolyn Garcia.

It was a momentous occasion when the keys of the Capitol, the Cebu International Convention Center (CICC), the Cebu South Bus Terminal and the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC) – big edifices that each deploy thirty or more guards plus small detachments spread over the length and breadth of province-owned properties in Metro Cebu – where surrendered to Tactical Security from losing holdover, Spectrum Security Agency, a worthy opponent that differed so much in style from another losing agency who used all maneuverings to steal this prized trophy without success.

Tactical Security have been equal to the task of taking the cudgels of watchkeeping the properties and persons of the Cebu Provincial Government by deploying high-quality security personnel equipped with brand-new Armscor 12-gauge shotguns, Tokarev 9-mm pistols, Armscor caliber .38 revolvers, Kenwood and HYT UHF bandwidth portable radios, halogen searchlights, hand-carried metal detectors and other specialized security gadgets. A radio-repeater station with base was ordered and installed to provide real-time and uninterrupted communication system between the different detachments and the agency headquarters.
The security officers and staff worked hard days before this event. An event of such magnitude which has no parallel in Tactical Security's history and existence. It was a classic team effort that brought people to many places in Cebu, in Manila and in Davao to culminate in timely fashion the takeover ceremony at the appointed time. It was a perfect operation orchestrated by no less than the general manager himself, Mr. Joseph Alquizola, and ably supported by the board of directors: Mr. Regan King, Mr. Wilson Ong and Mr. Richard King.

In all, 146 security guards were deployed, utilized and/or became new members of Tactical Security's expanding family for this single day. Running alongside with this great achievement, is the taking over of the regional office of the Home Development and Mutual Fund-7 (HDMF-7), also known as the Pag-IBIG Fund, headquartered at the Cebu Business Park, and its satellite office in Dumaguete City – all employing a total of fifteen guards.
At the end of the day, Tactical Security have redeemed its stature as a worthy and top-notch security agency that it so enjoyed in its early years, days when good professional people were running the agency and dictated the character and reputation of Tactical Security into what it is now, over some period of humps and bumps and low ebbs of its existence.

Kudos then to the new breed of professionals running Tactical Security: Mr. Jing de Egurrola, Mr. Omar Pace, Mr. Joe Patrick Uy, Ms. Marylou Cagang, Mr. Noel Ronquillo, Ms. Tellie Aguilar, Mr. Eddie Alberca, Ms. Grace Villar, Mr. Fernando Ypil, Mr. Al Albaciete, Ms. Liza Sesante and Mr. Robert Unabia for their tireless effort and for defying the odds by wrestling the serpent in order to catch a tiger.
For your security needs, we do things the TACTICAL way!

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