Thursday, May 21, 2009


I HAVE RECEIVED a forwarded email from Greenpeace International last year and I was appalled by the pictures showing a community of supposed-to-be civilized Caucasians doing a mindless and bloody orgy upon a herd of harmless Calderon dolphins – a kind of intelligent dolphin that has a habit of approaching people out of sheer curiosity.

This happened in the Faeroe Islands, which is part of Denmark, of all places. Yes, Virginia, it's IN the European Union. They are embarking on a rite of adulthood called Moz, a ritual that is ancient as it is barbaric. Indeed, it is barbarism of the highest kind against a docile species of marine mammals.

Adulthood? What kind of adulthood? Is that how they bred their children? Exposing them to gory violence every year and reaching a climax wherein they themselves (the children) will enter that cycle. And in a grander scale? With consent from the government? Don't tell me that this is a cultural thing? A sort of a bloody mardi gras?

You sneered at third world country practices because, to your perception, they are primitive and barbaric, yet you yourselves do ghastly and indecent things in your own backyard? What makes you different from your poor neighbors in the arid south EU?

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Nikolai said...

w@#$**k! how is this possible? Animals are better, as they kill only for a purpose, these people does not even deserve the the adulthood that they claim to have achieved...