Wednesday, October 14, 2009


From the page of Manny Amador.

All over the world, approximately 4,792 unborn babies lose their voice every hour! 115,000 every day. 42 million every year!

These are not statistics; these are lives, silenced as the result of the choice their mothers, and fathers, made.

We have chosen to be silent today in solidarity with the millions of babies silenced through abortion and the use of contraceptives.

Join us. Lose your voice for a day. These babies have lost their voices forever. October 20, Pro-life Day of Silent Solidarity; a world-wide event.

Pro-Life Philippines is supporting this special day. From the 1st Silent Day event in 2004 where several hundred schools in the US participated, the activity has drawn together an enormous number over the next years, having over 4,000 schools, some 400 homeschools and 1,000 individuals and non-students in 25 countries taking part in 2008.

The event only consists of keeping silent for one day in solidarity with the silent voices of the unborn. In the States, the students and other participants are encouraged to wear red duct tape across their mouths to signify their solidarity. For the Philippines, we suggest the wearing of red bandanas to cover the lower part of the faces of participants. It would be a nice touch if the area over their mouths were painted over in black or covered with duct tape. Participants could also just wear red armbands to mark them as participants in the Silent Day.

Participants don't actually have to say anything the whole day. Sometimes, people ask questions and the participants answer. The U.S. organization has stories where such conversations have led women who were considering abortions to change their minds after being informed of the consequences of their possible actions.

Participants who go to class can join in class discussions, but should refrain from speaking when outside the classroom. People at work can limit their non-work related conversations.

Though probably very difficult for most people, the campaign could include doing away with texting or e-mailing for non-essential matters. This would reach more people than simple physical appearance. These actions would be voluntary.

Participants would also be encouraged to distribute flyers explaining the Silent Day event. This action will also help minimize their having to speak. A flyer explaining the activity in the Philippines can be downloaded at:

The FAQ page on the Silent Day ( will prove helpful as well.

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