Friday, October 30, 2009


HAVE YOU WALKED alone on a dark woody place under a full moon on a Good Friday dawn?

I have and it was quite unpleasant.

I was assigned then as an anti-illegal drugs operative in 1998 at Police Station 7 of the Cebu City Police Department and I was on a surveillance mission prior to a raid. It was 2:00 AM.

I went inside St. Jude Acres Subdivision in Bulacao then to Santa Filomena Village. From St. Filomena Village I traversed through a short-cut for Inayawan Elementary School. There were a few houses I passed by and, although there was a full moon, the path that I traveled on is very dark. Just wisps of moonlight penetrated through the tree foliage.

Just imagine someone is walking along with you and so invisible from your eyes. You meet a pack of dogs, maybe fifteen or sixteen in number. You thought, by their sheer number, they will bark and snarl and intimidate you. Then, all of a sudden, the dogs started to howl at the same time.

It was so eerie and my hair stood up. I didn't know that I have an invisible companion that only the dogs could sense.


On another time in 1997, I was with three other people walking in a pathway above a water dam in Awayan, Carcar. The path was lighted and up ahead it was dark. It was 2:00 AM.

The area was deserted. Then the dogs began to howl in the distance. While we were beginning to walk on top of the dam we saw on the other end of the dam a teen-aged male and female. Both of them wearing something white, walking hand-in-hand towards us. They just appeared all of a sudden.

It looked like they were not walking at all. They seemed to be floating or gliding towards us. A lady companion suddenly grasped my arm so hard, burying her fingernails in my skin and she was shaking. She noticed something that I didn't saw.

I felt for my gun handle and it was so reassuring. As they were nearing I greeted them a good morning. The two passed by us and disappeared in the dark. My lady companion's face was ashen white and she was crying from sheer fright. So do the other two who were with me.

They asked me if I have seen their faces. I said no. “Of course not, they don't have faces. They are ghosts.” They chorused in their reply. That made my hair stand up when I heard their answer. But, too late.

They told me that they could not breathe and say a word when the ghosts were in our front about to pass by and my timely greeting to the ghosts broke the ice and so they left us alone.


Earl said...

Hi Cherokee, my hair really stood up reading this blog. If I was one of your colleagues during that time, maybe I wouldn't be afraid because I still didn't have my eyeglasses during that year and so I couldn't see them ( ha ha ha). I remember my mother-in-law told me during our family activity that to break the fright in situations like this, one needs to create a light using a match, or make a strong noise, or aggressive moves. I enjoyed and at the same time frightened reading your blog.

Vic said...

Wow. A timely post for the hollowen. I believe ghost exists as we are also composed of a ghost (a spirit). And for those ghosts that showed up are ghosts who don't have flesh. They are wandering in any places to fool and scare people. They do that to spread fear. When fear spreads, their power spreads to. What we need to overcome them is a light (a spiritual light) a wisdom - which we can have from the Words of God. Those beings live in the dark. And fear place us on those spiritual darkness. Nice blog...and thanks for visiting at my blog.

Earl said...

Congrats Cherokee for winning this entry 2nd place. Cheers!