Monday, February 21, 2011


Apa khabar”, (in Bahasa1) or
      how are you?
Boleh anda tulong saya”, or
     can you help me?
For how am I going
     to shake hands with you?
When you woke me up
     at early dawn in Laban Rata-
     Base Camp at 7.1 centigrade,
     freezing my bones, trying
     to break my will. 
Until when (“pukul berapa”)
     would you wait for me?

Your sentinel peaks
      are mocking my pace
Your towering slopes, slowing me down
Your granite walls
      just awesome to behold!
And your bottomless gully
     chasing my spirits away.


Terima kasih” or
      thank you, anyhow
For the mysteries engulfing you
      are only magnetizing me:
      step by step, breath by breath,
      to inch closer to you,
      to forget about crippling injuries
      but to immortalize LIFE and Courage

And then,
     you hugged me at 13,455 feet
     7 o’clock in your breezy morning
     and whispered, “Selamat detang
       or “WELCOME”

How could I ever forget that moment
We were in a tight embrace
You, the monumental figure
     of Mother Time
And juvenile me, searching since,
     for you in the vast expanse
You humming lullaby’s,
     cuddling my innocence

When I return
     to bring my friends
     to also shake hands with you
I can only say,
     now that I am home
Jumpa lagi” or
     See you soon.

           By: Abe S. Manlawe, M.D.-Psychiatry
           July 16, 2006

 Dr. Abe Manlawe & Manwel Roble

1 Bahasa is the national language of Malaysia


Jack said...

Boss Jing!

Naa diay ka sa Malaysia ?!
Naa baya ko sa SG.


- Jack -

PinoyApache said...

I haven't been outside the PI in all of my life. The closest I have been to outside of my country is in "Dreamland".

My friend, Dr. Manlawe do went to Sabah several times to compete in the Mt. Kinabalu mountain-run race.