Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I HAVE NEVER been there. I sometimes pass by the place going to Santander and know that it is Oslob when I see the welcome sign. But not today, August 18, 2010. I have an errand to do here.

Oslob is a seaside town in Southern Cebu. It has powder-white beaches along its coastline and pristine blue-green waters near the shore where the sand bottom could be clearly seen from the highway. It is 116 kilometers from Cebu City and is just 19 kilometers away to the gateway of Negros Island.

The people are very nice and so hospitable and wear a smile when conversing. They speak a Cebuano dialect with a musical twang that is a heritage all its own. By the way, Oslob hosts three heritage sites: the 17th-century Immaculate Conception Parish, the Cuartel de Infirmaria and the Spanish watchtowers.

The historic Catholic Church is currently under renovation after a fire gutted it in 2008 which destroyed its priceless relics and old-world accoutrement. It is never the same again even as the belfry itself told of its superficial repair which could not equal to its former splendor.

Meanwhile the Cuartel de Infirmaria is undergoing facelift with new stones replacing missing ones. One watchtower near the church is being cleaned of vegetation and moss and is being integrated into the beautification program of the Municipality of Oslob.

Pictures make a perfect tale and the following sets of collage is a perfect visual of how Oslob looks and how you intend to optimize your visit there. Take my cue -

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