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CHANGE IS CONSTANT. It could happen to anyone and on any thing up to its minutest details and it could alter every thing under the sun even to those things considered good. Nothing is exempt even myself. My life is changing and so is this blog and it is not immune to change.

This blog – MERELY MY OPINION – have seen changes on its appearance twice including its niche. Formerly, upon its inception in August 2007, it is supposed to be a “rant station”. The blog name alone suggests its purpose and it is borrowed from my late grandfather's opinion column in a local daily of the '50s and '60s.

Along the way, my outdoors experience and my unconventional journey of life compel me to add another niche and it became an outdoors blog. After a long long contemplation, I decide to change a new name for this website starting this article. It shall be known henceforth as WARRIOR PILGRIMAGE.

The appearance will still be almost the same and the tags shall remain although there will be a slight change on its features. The name itself will steer its intent and purpose on the World Wide Web. Warrior Pilgrimage is nothing but a warrior on pilgrimage. To where? I don't know; but keep on reading.

A pilgrimage is a journey undertaken by anyone who is either seeking a path of renewal of self, of spirituality, of higher consciousness, of enlightenment; or all of the above. Miyamoto Musashi is the best example of a warrior on a pilgrimage. In his journey of life, he mastered the crafts of swordsmanship, strategy, survival, philosophy, brush painting and carpentry. He even managed to write a book titled The Lord of Five Rings.

Meanwhile, I have not yet mastered any craft except that I am a fervent student of anything not hinging on monkey business. In my own capacity, I have written thirty-four chapters of a fiction novel but lost it later to harmful software corrupting my hard disk together with a bushcraft field manual which would have been used as a syllabus. Painful losses but life is a journey. The best part is how to start all over again1.

Changing a new name is a hard process. I have to search Internet-wide where I have left a link of the old name in long-ago visited websites and, doing so, would mean retrieving from the abyss of memory certain usernames and passwords to open such idle accounts. That includes threads in countless fora.

I may need a little help from my blogging friends though. I understand, in the course of exchanging blog links, they have typed Merely My Opinion into their sites. Some sites automatically correct itself. For most, it is done manually.

There is a little site though attached to my personal account in called Warrior Pilgrimage. It is just a mirror of my main personal site and a vehicle to promote Merely My Opinion. This time it will promote itself and its niche.

WARRIOR PILGRIMAGE is about tropical bushcraft and survival and adventure travel. It will be a support hub for the outdoor activities of Camp Red2 and the main bulletin for my own adventures. It is my conduit to promote bushcraft and survival in Cebu and the rest of the Philippine islands and will be the umbrella name that I will use when I conduct seminars and outdoor events.

The name “Warrior Pilgrimage” and the “WP Logo” will appear on headers for various certificates and field manuals where I will be an instructor and on t-shirts where Warrior Pilgrimage is an active supporter or organizer of outdoor events. Cited examples are the Gun Safety and Firing Proficiency Training (February, April and July 2011) and the Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp (June 2011).

Activities programmed for the coming months will be my “grassroots bushcrafting” series that will tackle specific subjects like survival tool-making, knife sharpening, outdoor cooking, land navigation, fire preparation, plant identification, ropecraft, nocturnal hunting, trailcraft, traps and snares, shelters, etc.

Other activities like route explorations, multi-day cross-country hikes, bush day treks, eco-tours, bushcraft camps, etc. will be carried out by Warrior Pilgrimage in tandem with Camp Red,, and Go Wild Adventures. Should you be interested to learn from the above instructions or willing to join my adventures, please, feel free to email me at or contact me at mobile phone number +63923-716-2705.

Warrior Pilgrimage is currently setting its sight on the creation or linking up of different trails that will traverse the whole length of Cebu Island, south to north (or vice versa), at its middlemost spine. It is a big project and I believe it could be done, the Lord Almighty willing. This trail will promote Cebu's tourism industry for it will naturally attract foreign and local backpackers alike and, when finished, demand 10-15 days of trekking.

I have already kick-started this ambitious event last February 20, 2011 with the opening up of the Lutopan, Toledo City to Guadalupe, Cebu City (36 Kms.) route. Other much longer routes (one in the south and another in the north) is now on schedule This demand huge logistics though and Warrior Pilgrimage is in need of corporate sponsors and kind-hearted individuals for monetary and material support. Please send your queries to my above email and contact number so you would know the logistics that I and my two companions need. Thank you.

Lastly, Warrior Pilgrimage carry this phrase everywhere that describe its image:

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1I have re-started another bushcraft & survival field manual and have been used during the Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp on June 11-12, 2011. Another manual is currently being composed to tailor-fit a Boy Scout unit of a Catholic school.
2A bushcraft and survival guild established by me in January 2010. This is the first of its kind in Cebu and, perhaps, the rest of the Philippines, south of Subic Bay.

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