Saturday, July 23, 2011


CAMP RED, FOR A change, went on a guided eco-tour of fourteen social educators from Denmark on February 5, 2011 at the foothills of the Babag Mountain Range, Cebu City. There were fourteen of them; I am the pointman; Boy Toledo as lead man and Ernie Salomon bringing up the tail. Wil Rhys-Davies of lights up the party in the middle with anecdotes and short tales.

Along the way, I introduced the visitors to the different tropical trees and plants, its names and its uses. They were shocked to see very dense vegetation in such small country like Barangay Sapangdaku which they found lacking in their home country. They were very elated crossing rivers and game enough to tackle steep trails.

They bathed under a hidden waterfalls of Busay Lut-od; drank the natural spring in Lower Kahugan and, later, slurped on the green coconuts at the Roble homestead. They enjoyed so much the sights of flower farms; awed at the strange structures of our native houses made of bamboo and wood; and got introduced to Filipino cooking. They even used the native outhouse of the Robles.

In between, I inserted bushcraft cooking and they were amazed at the simple bamboo being used as a pot to cook milled corn. The skies cooperated and give out a very perfect weather even as Father Sun refused to show his face. Below are the sets of collage showing the activity in its most vivid moments. Enjoy!

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