Tuesday, December 27, 2011

POEM #6: Going to Mount Babag

Napo is where I start for the true
      path to Mount Babag.
Some say it should be from Busay.
I doubt at the latter and I shrink
      at the thought.
I don't like walking on paved roads.

Anyone who walks at a trail
      finds meaning and
      good exercise.
Listen to the watery laughter
      of Sapangdaku river.
Birds flutter by, here and there;
Smile as a ripe mango sways by
      as you reach for the sky.

An old spring refreshes you
      in Lower Kahugan.
Walk another level and bathe
      at the hidden falls
      of Busay Lut-od.
Green coconuts tastes sweet
      lying idle on a bamboo bench
      beneath a Java plum tree.
Freedom pervades in the air.

Take your pick to Babag Ridge:
      the difficult East Ridge Pass?
      or the easy Babag Ridge Road?
Once you are on the ridgeline
      gawk at the sprawling city
      and the scattered islands.
Meanwhile, pitch your tent and
      spend a night at Manwel's Peak.

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