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2011 WAS ANOTHER BANNER YEAR for Tactical Security and Detective Agency, Inc. It had maintained its momentum despite some minor setbacks borne out of financial difficulties experienced by some of its clients. It is the year of the rabbit and it favored the eagle. The eagle is our logo and it is two-headed like the mythical Roman deity Janus.

The year 2011 saw Tactical Security more than double its guard strength when the new owners acquired it in January 2008 as it snared juicy contracts from all comers: through connections, by word of mouth or through the Internet. Tactical Security do not maintain a paid subscription though but has a free Multiply account and a Facebook page that is under construction.

So, it boils down to performance, branding and credibility of its existence that people and businesses take notice of. Do you want to know the secret? You know what? Tactical Security takes care of its people – ITS FRONTLINERS – the security guards. We do not do a Houdini upon our payroll nor do we exact unethical and systematic deceptions upon our guards. It is the stronghold of inept and third-rate security agencies. 

Tactical Security believes in karma and it owed its existence to the Creator and Beginner of Life. It had ridden the back of a tiger for a long time but it had seen a crossroads wherein the tiger will be weakened and it is a time for Tactical Security to soar higher. It had soared high beyond its wildest dreams and it is intoxicating but we maintain a level head, our history rooted to the ground.

We could not deny that our individual security guards and many detachments are our showcase to the market and we deem it proper that we bestow recognition upon them. It is a tradition that Tactical Security have practiced for three years running: the awarding of Best Detachments; the Best Head Guards and Shifts-in-Charge; and Special Awards for deserving security guards who, in their tour of duty, perform exemplary service.

The day is December 8, 2011 and Tactical Security is up all ears to commend the following detachments and individuals:

CATEGORY A (28+ Guards)

Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center

CATEGORY B (20-27 Guards)

Cebu International Convention Center

CATEGORY C (13-19 Guards)

Province of Cebu comprising of:
Museo Sugbu
DA Compound
Provincial Engineering Office
Fuente Osmeña Property

CATEGORY D (8-12 Guards)

Province of Cebu - Balili Beach Property


HG Rogelio Rojas, Balili Beach Property
HG Joseph Varga, Sugbu-Gawad Kalinga Village
HG Servillano Angcay Jr, Cebu Provincial Capitol
HG Paulino Lacandula, Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu
HG Noel Villacarlos, Museo Sugbu


SIC Luke Carniga III, Cebu International Convention Center
SIC Ruel Manlosa, Cebu South Bus Terminal
SIC Rene Anduyan, Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu
SIC Eugene Cinto, Cebu International Convention Center
SIC Ranilo Renedo, Banilad Town Center


SG Samuel Carreon Jr, Cebu Country Club
SG Luke Carniga III, Cebu International Convention Center
SG Marlon Villaganas, ThreeSixty Pharmacy-Legaspi/Colon Branch
SG Lloyd Bernard Ricaplaza, Cebu South Bus Terminal
SG Ruel Manlosa, Cebu South Bus Terminal
SG Julius Abapo, Tactical Security Headquarters
SG James Barazon, Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center
SG Rogelio Lanoy, Gateway Motors (Cebu), Inc.-KIA Talisay

Each element of every detachment and each individual awardee receive prizes for their achievements. Aside that, every guard not mentioned above and detailed in each post spread out in every breadth and reach of Tactical Security receive a small token. Not only that, Tactical Security remembered their fallen comrades and we go out of our way to personally carry gifts to their surviving families north and south of Cebu.

I wonder if other security agencies would do the Tactical way? I know of just a few and Tactical Security appreciate their efforts to treat their frontliners in the same way we do and even more. For our undertakings (and those agencies that care of their security guards), we reap. I hope the rest of the security industry do the same.

As of this writing, the Province of Cebu have reduced 111 guards as part of their austerity measures. Likewise, one of our oldest clients, Total Bulk Corp., decide to end our services due to economic constraints. Our consolation comes from winning the public bidding for the 79-guard strength of the The Philippine Amusement Gaming Corp. (PAGCOR) and retention of the Pag-IBIG Fund after a heated contest and gained for us ten more seats.

In the different fields, PRI Solutions, Inc., have taken trust with our brand of service despite minor setbacks and offers of sub-sea level prices from competitors, as we continue to supply security for each branch opened. Amidst those, other big detachments from the private sectors have cemented and renewed contracts with Tactical Security, as well as yanking out new contracts in our way.

To enhance our service, Tactical Security have contracted independent contractors to teach our people how to properly operate radios which the National Telecommunications Commission handled (complete with license and permits); how to detect and apprehend criminals which the Theft and Robbery Section of the Cebu City Police Office taught; and how to become a responsible gun user which Warrior Pilgrimage have shown in the different firing ranges.

At the end of the day, all the above factors conspire to draw out the good results that you would have desired in your endeavour. We pursued excellence and worked hard for it and it is there pouring. It is a given in every management objective and strategy but we have not realized it coming ten-fold. 

You know? Without faith in God, it goes out for naught. Be sensible and make the best of your guards by giving them more than what they deserve. Do not make milking cows of them at their expense and exact undue abuse at them in return of their subservience. Treat your frontliners as your own family. It is the best way and the ONLY way.

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