Tuesday, September 25, 2012


BOUYED UP BY the success of the 2nd Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp last June 10, 11 and 12, 2012 held in Cebu, this blogger - under the banner of the Warrior Pilgrimage Blog - will go up north to Luzon to convene another bushcraft camp for members of the Mountain Climbers Alliance of the Philippines, Inc. MCAP is a national umbrella organization of individual mountaineers established just this year.

The MCAP Bushcraft Camp 01-2012 has the blessing of MCAP President Edwin Gatia and personally endorses this wilderness skills orientation as a prerequisite for full membership into MCAP. MCAP believes that every mountaineer should be adequately equipped not only by what he carries on his back but also that which he carries inside his head which would quantify his survival in the event of mishaps and accidents.

The MCAP BC will follow the same syllabus designed for the PIBC minus the nationalistic rites. Reynold Boringot insists, however, that the singing of the national anthem and the oath of allegiance to flag and republic should be included which this writer is obliged to include in the program. The MCAP BC will be held at the slopes of Mount Balagbag, Bulacan on the dates September 29, 30 and October 1, 2012.

This blogger is the main instructor of MCAP BC and would ably be assisted by PIBC alumni Raymund Panganiban (2011) and Jay Z Jorge (2012) who both will lend their time, services and skills to make MCAP BC a worthy event. Raymund shall be the official photographer. He shall document all camp activities and related events through his camera lens. Likewise, he shall demonstrate and expound the module on Every Day Carry or EDC.

Meanwhile, Jay Z shall be the official Camp Ramrod. He shall be in charge with the administration of the campsite like ground space allocation, water, firewood and hygiene. He shall brief regularly the participants about camp rules that will be implemented and the daily routine that each participant will take part. This is organized by MCAP for the benefit of their members.

Special mention is given to Reynold for engaging in the assessment of the trail and of the campsite and for providing a pre-activity briefing before MCAP members on my behalf on September 16. Also worth mentioning is Vice President Vicky Evaretta for keeping tab and supporting this writer through her administration of MCAP activities, to include this bushcraft camp.

MCAP BC 01-2012 shall officially start from San Jose del Monte, Bulacan on September 29, 2012 at 1:00 PM where participants will be transferred to the trailhead at Tungko and then follow the trail to the campsite. Below is the full itinerary of PIBC MMXII:

08:30 – Assembly,
(Take your breakfast before start of activity)
10:00 – Leave Metro Manila for San Jose del Monte, Bulacan by transportation
11:30 – Arrive San Jose del Monte
12:00 – Lunch time
13:00 – Leave San Jose del Monte for campsite via Tungko
15:00 - Arrive campsite, rest & rehydrate
14:00 – Explore camp, pitch tents/sleeping quarters
16:00 – Prepare dinner
18:00 – Dinner time
19:30 – Socials, MCAP-BC overview
22:00 – Taps

05:00 – Wake-up call
05:30 – Prepare breakfast
06:00 – Breakfast time
08:00 – Introduction to Bushcraft and Survival
09:00 – Tool Making
10:00 – EDC Preparation
11:00 - Prepare lunch
12:00 – Lunch time
12:30 – Siesta/socials
13:30 – Knife Care and Safety
14:30 – Foraging and Firecraft
16:00 – Outdoor Cooking
17:00 – Prepare dinner
18:30 – Dinner time
19:30 – Nocturnal Hunting
20:30 – Socials, Campfire Storytelling
24:00 – Taps

05:00 – Wake-up call
05:30 – Prepare breakfast
06:00 – Breakfast time
07:30 – Blade Porn
07:45 – Socials, photo session
08:00 – Break camp
09:00 - Leave campsite for San Jose del Monte
10:30 – Arrive San Jose del Monte
Lunch time
11:30 - Leave San Jose del Monte for Metro Manila by transportation
13:00 – Arrive Metro Manila
14:00 – Post-activity discussions, socials

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Anonymous said...

Awesome introduction, Mtr Jing...I hope our MCAP members will take advantage of this Training for their own self-advancement in the great outdoors...

The Philippine Mountaineering said...

sir, thank you so much for the training and company. we were really blessed to have you here in Luzon. The MCAP family is looking forward for more activities with you.

GOD bless Trail Hawk!