Monday, April 1, 2013


THERE IS A NEED to convene the Camp Red Bushcraft and Survival Guild today, January 27, 2013, to start a tradition. Every start of a year should be the time for every member to renew, strengthen and reaffirm his association with Camp Red. It could either be paying membership dues, participation in a club election or just by being there – attendance wise. That is why it is called a charter meeting

The place of meeting is at the Red Hours Convenience Store, located in M. Velez Street, Capitol Site, Cebu City. Red Hours is our place of choice when we are engaged in a post-activity discussion, some brainstorming, a little merriment or by simply releasing stress – alone or with company. After the guild priorities, an everyday carry (or EDC) kit parley soon follow.

The time is 1:00 PM and I arrive there first. A guest, Shio Cortes, came after me. He just want to meet me and the rest of the pack. He is a UN volunteer assigned in the Democratic Republic of Congo but he is on vacation right now and took advantage of free time before going back to his overseas posting in a few days.

Member applicants Kulas Damaso and Nyor Pino came after the other and then Camp Red stalwart Glenn Pestaño arrived. Kulas is with his motorcycle with a Jackie Chan autograph. Cold glasses of beer are filled for each individual. Then comes Ernie Salomon, Jhurds Neo and Randell Savior who just came from an outdoors seminar. Mayo Leo Carillo, JB Albano and Dominikus Sepe completed the circle.

Before leaving, Shio, showed his EDC kit and I saw fuel tablets, a tin folding burner, some anti-malaria pills, water purifying tablets, emergency scalpels and other wonderful things that we could not source locally. He promised to be back by May as he seemed interested in what we are doing as the only outdoor group in this country focusing mainly on bushcraft and survival.

The meeting turned to phase two with Glenn anchoring the flow of the activity. He put on a mini-knife porn with all the blades he carried and laid it all bare on the table. His EDC kit is most extensive as it is sub-divided – with individual pouches – into the survival kit, the first-aid kit, the replenishment kit and the repair kit.

Aside those, he had with him his micro-EDC kit attached to a climbing carabiner. The blades, the gadgets and his replenishment kit were the envy of everyone. All make light of this moment by reaching in their sticky fingers for Glenn’s chocolates and pulverizing it down inside everyone’s mouth.

JB, for his part, showed his very austere EDC; Jhurds his micro-EDC kit which includes a peppermint spray hanging by a carabiner; Nyor with his own kit placed in a small pouch; Dom imitating JB; Ernie with his own inside a waist pack that included a tiny alcohol burner and an emergency flash charger; and Randell splaying his first-aid kit.

Standing out were those of Glenn’s. Everything in his EDC, to include his micro-EDC, is a must-have for everyone and his is the benchmark of what an EDC kit is all about. I could mention a few items but the list is endless really. The only thing that Glenn – and everyone else – failed to have is the list of the items printed or written on a paper which, incidentally, Kulas had although he doesn’t have an EDC.

Meanwhile, my own EDC kit consists of two sections: the survival kit and the first-aid kit. My replenishment items are already integrated into the survival kit which consist of high-protein emergency food and beverage. My survival and first-aid kits are segregated by individual mesh bags and both are stored inside an Ortlieb heavy-duty dry bag.

I am quite satisfied with the turn of events and, I think, Camp Red is now a stalwart when it comes to EDC on this side of town although some Facebook-based groups are beginning to sprout like Filipino Survival and Pinoy Preppers which both espouse about EDC kits. What distinguishes Camp Red from the rest is we are more oriented in the back-country, the wilderness and the real world.

But the most important thing is that more and more people are beginning to understand about the EDC kit. I help to spread this sub-interest – you may call it a hobby – by actually conducting EDC seminars designed for security professionals. Soon, I may be able to include other professionals and the schoolkids.

In the end, this habit of carrying daily a survival or first-aid kit would eventually give you the needed elbow room to decide your existence and of others in a real-world SHTF situation.

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