Saturday, April 27, 2013

POEM #9: Nocturnal Hunting

It is night and below me
is a stream enveloped in darkness.

It had rained hours ago
the water swift but clear now to my naked eye.

My guide carried a kerosene lamp;
a scoop net held by the other hand;
I followed, wary and alert;
for snakes abound here waiting for prey.

I grasped my knife in its sheath;
the cold steel of the blade
reassures me though that it is alright.

Walking behind the guide with the bright lamp,
he made the night look like daylight;
boosting my confidence, aiding my sight.

A nudge from a foot
the shrimp leaped to its fate into the net.

After an hour or two
I counted an honest catch of twenty-two.

These became part of a midnight dinner
under a dark cloudy sky
by a camp made warm by a fire.

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Jeane Louise Mainit said...

nice one Sir Jing. :)