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LAST YEAR, THIS BLOGGER went up to Luzon to conduct a Bushcraft Camp for the benefit of members of the fledgling Mountain Climbers Alliance of the Philippines (MCAP), a national umbrella organization of individual mountaineers. It was held at the slopes of Mount Balagbag, amidst the boundaries of Rodriguez, Rizal and San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

Eighteen local mountaineers attended that year’s wilderness skills orientation, with which program was patterned after the Philippine Independence Bushcraft Camp (PIBC). The PIBC is an outdoors seminar organized annually by the Warrior Pilgrimage Blog and teaches people about basic primitive-living techniques and survival skills. It is held every June in the jungles of the Babag Mountain Range, Cebu.

This coming October 18, 19 and 20, 2013, however, this blogger will again make another voyage to Luzon. This time, he will be teaching the Basic Wilderness Survival Course in the Spring of Life Adventure Campsite, Antipolo, Rizal. This will be his first time to teach this course. It is designed for mountaineers, specifically MCAP members, and it can be taught as well to hikers, backpackers and other outdoor enthusiasts.

This outdoors course aims to infuse to the participants of the basics of survival in a tropical mountain setting without disregarding the proper procedures that would ensure one’s chances of survival. Preparation for any survival situation should be given premium by anybody, regardless if the individual is an experienced mountaineer or not.

As we all know, the mountains present a very challenging terrain coupled by unpredictable weather conditions which hampers normal movement and creates an environment wherein it exposes people to very serious mistakes. Generally, this course teaches that a person can be an island on his own, contrary to the general idea, and thrusts to the belief that weight can be compensated anytime with knowledge about survival.

First day will be focused on the Introduction to Survival; The Survival Kit; and Knife Care and Safety. Second day will be about Survival Tool Making; Water; Shelters; and Foraging and Plant ID. The last day tackles about Firecraft; Cold Weather Survival; and Traditional Navigation. Except one, all chapters are compiled by this blogger basing on his experiences in the mountains as a recreational climber, as a free-lance guide and, later, as a bushcrafter.

This blogger founded the Camp Red Bushcraft and Survival Guild, the only outdoor club in the Philippines focusing mainly about primitive-living skills and survivalcraft. Later, he immersed himself in an Aeta village for one week during a made-for-TV video shoot and learned more survival skills from them. Below are clips of Native Instinct, directed by Matthew Everett of the UK, which this blogger co-hosted with Snakehawk Wilderness School partner, William Rhys-Davies:

MCAP believes that every mountaineer should be adequately equipped not only by what he carries on his back but also that which he carries inside his head which would quantify his survival in the event of mishaps and accidents. It subscribes to the concept of “old-school” mountaineering.

Presently, MCAP is composed of 2013-2014 officers: Rev. Reynold Boringot – President; Mr. Andrew Tarnate – Vice President; Ms. Louella Papa – Secretary; Ms. Kris Shiela Mingi – Treasurer; Ms. Jezzy Guab – Auditor; and Mr. Boyet Cristobal – PRO. Mr. Edwin Gatia, founder and organizer, sits as President Emeritus of the Alliance.

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