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THE OLD MILITARY TRADITION of rank inspections which had been adopted and practiced at Tactical Security and Detective Agency, Inc. in 2009 have ran its course towards its fourth year. This activity involves small posts and big detachments, who showed form through uniforms, appearance, teamwork, professional know-how, cooperation and command perception.

Each detachment and/or unit is graded according to their performance and effort. The Board of Directors have shown support to this endeavor as it showcases Tactical Security to the market as it is, in itself, a very effective marketing tool. The very sight of a platoon-sized number of men in immaculate white shirts and ironed blue pants in a square formation marching and facing about elicit awe and interest to a passing public.

When Tactical Security started 2008 under new management, it had fully grasped the immense obstacle facing their existence in an industry already crowded by competitors engaged in a fierce cut-throat struggle. Tactical Security needed to have an image that would stand them out from the rest of the league and so they institutionalize this activity.

This showdown troop formations are not without bestowing of awards to deserving detachments, big and small. Previous winners have received tokens of appreciation and material rewards for their effort. It boosts confidence and increases morale as well as creating a loyalty bond between individual guard and Tactical Security.

Group formations such as these are not complete without Troop Information and Education. This is the most vital component where management would be able to link up with its manpower from the soul and from the heart. It is an open venue where two-way communications are observed.

This year -2012 - the Inspection Team visited each and every big detachment and small post. There are four categories and each category is accorded only one winner. In Category A, there were four competitors; Category B – five; Category C – seven; and Category D – ten. All put their best foot forward and never in this competition’s history have the scores been so tight.

Cebu Toyo Corporation won over closest competitor Casino Filipino-Crown Regency by only six points in Category D. Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu won by twenty points over nearest rival Cebu South Bus Terminal in Category B. Category A champion, Casino Filipino-Lahug, upended nearest pursuer Sky Rise Realty Development Corp by just ten points. Only the Cebu International Convention Center dominated Category C by a wide margin.

Awarding was held at the function room of Allure Hotel and Suites in AS Fortuna Street, Bakilid, Mandaue City on December 4, 2012. Winners of a side contest – the Best Head Guard and the Best Shift-in-Charge – were also honored and awarded for their year-round but efficient supervision and control over their subordinates as well as their excellent relations with our respective clients.

For Best Shift-in-Charge, SG Rene Anduyan of Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu got the first place; second goes to SG Gervacio Esmero Jr of Philippine Health Insurance Corp. Regional Office 7; and third place was yanked by SG Abundio Racaza III of the Cebu South Bus Terminal.

First place for Best Head Guard was awarded to 2009 awardee SG Paulino Lacandula of Sacred Heart School-Ateneo de Cebu; second to SG Rogelio Rojas of the Cebu South Bus Terminal; and the third best was taken by SG Eugenio Tampus of Greencoil Industries, Inc.

Special awards were also bestowed to deserving guards for their exemplary service, academic excellence and loyalty. Such awards are given each year to ten security guards – male and female – who were selected for their performance and their dedication to their jobs exemplified by SG Noel Lequin who was able to bust a syndicate of shoplifters preying on ThreeSixty Pharmacy branches.

For posterity, Tactical Security is very proud to announce the other winners through the years:

Category A (30++ Guards)

2009: Cebu Provincial Capitol
2010: Cebu Provincial Capitol
2011: Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center

Category B (20-29 Guards)

2009: Casino Filipino-Mactan
2010: Banilad Town Center
2011: Cebu International Convention Center

Category C (10-19 Guards)

2009: Greencoil Industries
2010: Greencoil Industries
2011: Cebu Province Properties (Museo Sugbu/DA Compound/PEO/Larsian)

Category D (6-9 Guards)

2009: Cebu Province-Old BBRC Property
2010: Cebu Province-Balili Beach Property
2011: Cebu Province-Balili Beach Property

Best Head Guard

2009: SG Paulino Lacandula (Sacred Heart School-Jesuits)
2010: SG Servillano Angcay Jr (Cebu Provincial Capitol)
2011: SG Rogelio Rojas (Cebu South Bus Terminal)
           SG Joseph Varga (Cebu Province-Sugbu Gawad Kalinga)

Best Shift-in-Charge

2009: SG Arthur Pacaldo (Cebu South Bus Terminal)
2010: SG Rogelio Rojas (Cebu Province-Balili Beach Property)
           SG Rene Anduyan (Sacred Heart School-Jesuits)
2011: SG Luke Carniga III (Cebu International Convention Center)

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